A woman receives packages from Amazon every day. She didn’t order one

A woman receives packages from Amazon every day.  She didn't order one

A Canadian citizen begs Amazon to intervene. Parcels arrive at her address every day, although she did not order any of them. It is possible that this is a trick of the sellers who want to defraud the company.

It’s usually pleasant to see a package on the doorstep, but Canada-based Anca Nitu goes berserk when she sees more parcels at her door. The woman does not order any parcels, and yet parcels from the USA keep coming to her. How is this possible?

Woman flooded with packages from Amazon – she did not order them

In an interview with CBC reporters, Nitu indicates that she opened several packages bearing the Amazon logo out of curiosity. Many of them contain quite kitschy shoes with exuberant styling. The woman swears that it is completely not her style and would never order something like this in her life.

When I know another package at my door, I start to shake with anger. More shipments come and come. It never ends – commented a frustrated woman.

Her house in Langley is inundated with similar packages that come to her place of residence from virtually all corners of the United States. Worse, the situation is no longer fun. The UPS couriers responsible for the deliveries demand that the woman pays customs duties because the parcels cross the US-Canada border. Anca Nitu, however, is not going to pay, or worse, and repeats again and again that she did not order anything.

The Canadian citizen finally gained enough publicity and Amazon listened to her pleas. The company officially announced that it had “taken care of” Nitu’s case and “appropriate actions have been taken to stop shipments coming to its address.”

Are sellers on Amazon cheating the system?

The biggest mystery is the reason why women are flooded with unwanted packages. However, the media got a very likely lead. The most reliable theory applies to sellers and independent stores using Amazon’s warehousing and logistics services.

Manufacturers often send batches of goods directly to the company’s facilities. This one takes over the entire process from packing the package to delivering it to the customer’s door. If the buyer returns the goods, the producer is charged by Amazon with additional costs for handling the order.

There is one exception to this rule that sellers ruthlessly exploit. They can provide a private address for returns. In theory, this allows companies to handle complaints themselves. In practice, however, you can enter any address … for example, a randomly selected Canadian citizen.

In the past, companies such as from India or China preferred to receive “returns” of goods to a random address. In this way, they cut the costs associated with Amazon, and surprised recipients usually dispose of the products on their own. In the case of Nitu, however, the scale was so huge that it caused quite a sensation.

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