Sandra Kubicka under fire for the recording. “It's not fat, it's a baby”

Sandra Kubicka under fire for the recording.  "It's not fat, it's a baby"

Sandra Kubicka posted a recording that enraged her fans. She compared her figures – before and during pregnancy.

Sandra Kubicka inspires hundreds of thousands of people – her Instagram profile is followed by almost a million people. The former model and presenter won the hearts of her fans with her openness, also in communicating difficult topics. She has been talking about struggling with polycystic ovary syndrome for years, and recently she announced that doctors had detected a pre-cancerous condition of the cervix. On InstaStory and in Kubicka's posts, she gives advice to other women who may have similar ailments, based on her own experiences.

Sandra Kubicka and Alek Baron are expecting a child

In December 2023, Sandra Kubicka announced that she had accepted the proposal of Aleksander Baron, with whom she has been in a relationship for a long time. Shortly after, the couple announced that they were expecting a child. Since then, the former model has been sharing her health condition online, including information about what pregnancy is like for a person with PCOS.

Kubicka often adds humorous content. One of the last videos she posted was intended to amuse her followers. However, it quickly turned out that they were not laughing.

Hate after the recording posted by Sandra Kubicka

“Sunday with a distance” – Sandra Kubicka signed the video. In it, the celebrity compares her current figure with her pre-pregnancy body. The message conveyed by the recording did not appeal to many of Kubicka's fans.

“Someone who fought so much for a child publishes such things… Even as a joke, it is below criticism, but unfortunately celebrities often do not understand such matters. Pregnancy catering, contracts to promote children's brands, giving birth only by cesarean section in a private clinic, I'm not writing here not to make it easier for myself, because it's necessary, but let's face it, real motherhood is not Instagram”; “But it's not fat, it's a baby”; “For me it's not funny, it's embarrassing. I'm seriously shocked. I was sure that after many years of trying to have a child, he would approach the topic of pregnancy in a completely different way”; “Let me tell you, as a person with PCOS who has been trying to get pregnant and have a child for a long time: it makes me laugh!”; “Even as a joke, it's very stupid to try so hard for a baby and then post stupid videos”; “I understand it's for fun, but you haven't gained enough weight to make videos like this”; “You still look great” – Internet users write.

Sandra Kubicka decided to respond to the entries. “How can you drive cars when so many people don't have cars? How can you flaunt it and show how much you enjoy driving a car? How can that be? How can you laugh at yourself like that, you make others feel bad!” – she said.

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