Farmers want to block Biedronka’s distribution center. What made them angry about the network?

Farmers want to block Biedronka's distribution center.  What made them angry about the network?

Farmers from Agrounia want to block the access road to one of Biedronka’s distribution centers. The chain has failed farmers because it imports goods from Ukraine. However, thanks to the mayor’s opposition, the blockade may not occur.

On February 9, farmers began to protest against what they call the government’s powerlessness in the matter of Ukrainian grain, which has been reaching Poland for several months, and against the provisions of the Green Deal, a major program of the European Union. They blocked roads in various regions and announced the continuation of protests – in various forms – until the end of February. Farmers took their tractors to the roads all over the country.

Farmers announce various forms of protest

After February 20, they want to focus on blocking all border crossings with Ukraine. Smaller actions include the announcement of the blockade of the access road to the Jeronimo Martins distribution center in Stawiguda near Olsztyn. This is a “punishment” for the chain for importing goods from Ukraine.

– And this hits us, agricultural producers, hard. Cereals, corn, rapeseed, honey, sweets and wafers arrive from Ukraine. In Ukraine, you can use plant protection products that are prohibited in the European Union and are harmful to health – explained Michał Kempka, the representative of Agrounia in Warmia and Mazury.

A blockade to the extent announced by farmers would disrupt deliveries to approximately 200 stores in the region. We know from the representative of Jeronimo Martins that over 400 cars with goods enter and leave the center near Olsztyn every day.

Farmers ready to go to court

Ultimately, however, the blockade may not occur, and the Portuguese network will owe its peace of mind to the mayor of the commune of Stawiguda. In a conversation with journalists, Michał Kontraktowicz assured his understanding of the farmers’ demands, but also stated that he would not consent to the farmers’ meeting because it could lead to “huge losses”.

Farmers do not agree with this approach and have announced that they will appeal to the court to deny consent to the assembly.

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