The “Tusk’s Lie” campaign has started. PiS accuses PO of unfulfilled election promises

The "Tusk's Lie" campaign has started.  PiS accuses PO of unfulfilled election promises

Law and Justice launched the “Tusk’s Lie” campaign on social media. This is a series of videos published every hour, in which the unfulfilled election promises of the Civic Platform from 2011 are pointed out.

There is just over a month left until the parliamentary elections. Let us remind you that we will elect MPs and senators on October 15. The elections will be accompanied by a referendum consisting of four questions.

PiS strongly focused on campaigning on Facebook and Twitter

Thus, the election campaign is entering its most heated phase. Law and Justice, which is seeking a third term in a row, has focused heavily on its social media campaign. An example of this are Mateusz Morawiecki’s daily recordings from the “Camera at the Prime Minister’s” series.

Another example are recordings published since the beginning of this week in which the ruling party presents subsequent points of its election program. So far, the programs “Friendly Housing Estate”, “Dobry Posiłek”, “Lokalna Półka” and “School voucher – get to know Poland” have been presented.

What is the “Tusk’s Lie” campaign?

However, on Friday, September 8, PiS announced a temporary suspension of presenting further points. Instead, it was announced that recordings would be published that would present the unfulfilled election promises of the Civic Platform. The starting point is the party’s 2011 program.

Recordings titled “Tusk’s Lies” are to be shown every hour, starting at 7:30, all day. The timing of the action is not accidental. The Civic Coalition convention will be held on Saturday, September 9. During the convention, “one hundred specifics” are to be presented, i.e. one hundred promises for the first hundred days of a possible KO government.

What promises did the Civic Platform not fulfill?

Below we present a list of issues raised in the recordings from the “Tusk’s Lies” series published by PiS. The list will be updated on an ongoing basis.

  • the promise of an increase in public sector wages. – Let me remind you that the base amounts of salaries in the state budget were frozen by PO and Tusk until 2015, so much longer than the crisis lasted – said PiS spokesman Rafał Bochenek;
  • liquidation of PIT tax forms. – “Following the abolition of the Tax Identification Number, we will abolish PIT declarations.” Of course, they didn’t break it – commented MP Adam Andruszkiwicz;
  • eliminating the obligation for drivers to carry their vehicle registration certificate and driving license. – They had many years to do this. And they didn’t even do such a simple thing – said MP Piotr Muller;
  • radically limiting the access of special and police services to citizens’ billings and increasing control over the use of wiretapping. – Nothing like that happened, and according to the media, the number of wiretappings increased during their rule – we hear later in the recording;
  • introduction by 2013 of solutions guaranteeing Poland high revenues from shale gas extraction, which will be allocated to the security of future pensions. – In 2013, the Platform raised the retirement age – commented MP Jan Kanthak;
  • building a thousand so-called Świetlik, i.e. cultural centers and municipal libraries. – They did? – we hear a rhetorical question;
  • an announcement of relations with Russia based on respect. – NO! Putin deserves no respect, and neither does the tribunal in The Hague – comments another PiS politician;
  • completion of work on full computerization of health care in 2014. – They did? No, only our government did it – says another person;
  • introduction of an electronic ID card from 2013. – They did? No, it was created in 2019 during the rule of Law and Justice – clarified;
  • completing the restructuring of the PKP SA Group – “The companies PKP Cargo, Telekomunikacja Kolejowa, PKP Energetyka, PKP InterCity, PKL will be privatized. We will continue to intensively privatize enterprises controlled by the State Treasury. And this particular point of the program was one of the few that they consistently implemented – we learn in the recording.
  • lowering the basic VAT rate to 22%. in 2014;
  • creation of science centers in each voivodeship by 2022. I guess the results with these Koperniks were mediocre, instead they have one KoperTnik, but I don’t think that was the point,” said Paweł Jabłoński, deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • enabling the collection of passports and other personal documents at any Polish office or by postal guarantee;
  • integration of administration IT systems by 2015, so that offices can communicate with each other on an ongoing basis;
  • limiting parliamentary immunity so as to reduce the distance between citizens and their representatives;
  • building a nuclear power plant;
  • the right to choose the payment of health insurance premiums, introducing competition for the National Health Fund. “They did? Oh no. Do you want to trust them again? Another lie from Tusk,” says Health Minister Katarzyna Sójka in the video
  • building a nuclear power plant

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