The turtles were terrified. The popular city appeals to tourists

The turtles were terrified.  The popular city appeals to tourists

The incident occurred in the village of Legian, between the popular resorts of Kuta and Seminyak. Severe punishment awaits party goers.

Even though New Year’s Eve is long behind us, some people still find reasons to celebrate. Not all places are suitable for loud fun, especially for the use of pyrotechnic materials. Reckless Polish tourists organized a fireworks show over the Five Ponds Valley this year. Now, on a popular beach in Bali, fires have been lit near the turtles living there.

The fireworks scared the turtles

This year’s New Year’s Eve in Bali was a great challenge for the numerous animal species inhabiting the island, which had to function for several days in the increased noise caused by the organized events. Even though the New Year’s celebrations have long ended, tourists cannot complain about the lack of places to have fun. Some city events also take place on beaches, without respect for the fauna and flora found there. One such party took place at the end of January on Legian Beach, located between Kuta and Seminyak. A video posted on Instagram shows terrified turtles running away from the noise of fireworks flashing in the sky. It is not known whether the organizer or the tourists who took part in the event are responsible for releasing them.

The city appeals to tourists

It turns out that lighting fireworks in most places in Bali is illegal, and tourists and residents who commit such offenses face severe punishment. “In its best efforts to protect the turtle ecosystem, Legian Traditional Village has imposed a strict ban on lighting fireworks on Legian Beach in Kuta District. People who do not comply with this ban will be fined 2 million rupees (approximately PLN 500),” we read in the description of the post on the Canggu Community profile. The law was introduced at the request of Agus Dharma, the president of the organization that takes care of the beach and turtle nesting.

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