Michał Probierz visits the United States. He fought for a representative

Michał Probierz visits the United States.  He fought for a representative

Michał Probierz went to the USA with the PZPN delegation. In addition to participating in the Polonia celebrations, he also plans to fight for the earlier arrival of Karol Świderski.

Michał Probierz has two months to prepare the team for the play-offs to advance to the European Championship. The Poles must first defeat Estonia at home and then defeat the winner of the Wales-Finland pair away. This is not an impossible task, but the players’ attitude in the qualifying rounds has left fans unsure of what to expect from the team.

Michał Probierz talked about Karol Świderski

Since taking over as coach after Fernando Santos, Michał Probierz has been looking for ways to improve the team’s play. He tests new players like Patryk Peda, which finds both supporters and opponents. The selector had to swallow a bitter pill after the White and Reds did not take one of the first two places in the group, although they had the opportunity to do so for a long time.

Touchstone wants to have the strongest possible squad at his disposal. He even wants the players to arrive at the training camp as soon as possible in two months. Together with the delegation of the Polish Football Association (including president Cezary Kulesza), he will take part in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Polonia New York Soccer Club.

The sport.pl portal informs that Probierz was also supposed to have a conversation with the management of Charlotte FC regarding the early release of Karol Świderski from the training camp. The striker is an important element of Probierz’s team, and the long flight will make the player arrive in Warsaw very tired. The coach would like him to be at home 2-3 days earlier, but this would result in an additional absence from the MLS match. According to the website, the team is to make a decision in the coming days and submit it to Touchstone.

Poland will play for a trip to EURO 2024

The semi-final of the EURO 2024 Poland-Estonia play-offs will take place on March 21 in Warsaw. A possible final with the participation of the Polish Reds and Whites will take place in Helsinki or Cardiff on March 26.

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