The passenger crawled into the plane’s engine. The man died on the spot

The passenger crawled into the plane's engine.  The man died on the spot

The flight was canceled after an unconscious tourist was found in the turbine. Despite resuscitation, he could not be saved.

This is another tragic plane accident in 2024. The incident occurred on Monday evening at the international airport in Salt Lake City in Utah. Instead of boarding the plane, a 30-year-old man entered the engine of the plane preparing for take-off. The unconscious tourist was found around 10:10 p.m. The police are investigating and trying to determine whether the man’s behavior could have been influenced by drugs or intoxicants.

Nobody knew where the missing passenger was

“Such a situation has never happened here,” agree American airport employees. On New Year’s Eve, a Delta Air Lines passenger who was scheduled to travel from Salt Lake City to Denver that day entered the engine undetected. “The man ran to the south end of the airport’s west runway, where de-icing work was in progress, and crawled into the plane’s engine,” an airport official told CBS News. According to the initial police report, the engines were turning over at that time.

At first, the services did not know where the passenger was. At 9:50 p.m., a report was received about a disturbance at the terminal gate, which a man entered without permission and went to the emergency exit on his own. At 22:06, the 30-year-old’s clothes and shoes were found on the runway, and a few minutes later it was discovered that the wanted man had hidden in the engine of the machine. The passenger was unconscious and the resuscitation attempt proved unsuccessful.

The cause of death is under investigation

“Officers in Salt Lake City will work with the medical examiner’s office to determine the man’s cause and manner of death, which police say may include a toxicology report,” the release said. Although it appears that no one forced the 30-year-old into the engine, he may not have been fully aware of his actions due to the substances he had taken. Although the event did not affect airport operations, the Delta Airlines flight itself was canceled and the tickets of 95 passengers were transferred to the next connection.

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