The entrepreneur found a way for employees. He changed one thing about the salary

The entrepreneur found a way for employees.  He changed one thing about the salary

Companies offer full-time work for PLN 3.5-5 thousand. PLN gross. Most often, there is no great response to such advertisements. One of the entrepreneurs was fed up with waiting and wanted to quickly fill vacancies in his company. He decided to change one thing in the advertisement, now people willing to work apply almost every day. – This is the so-called nominal illusion. We are impressed by the amount of earnings, says the expert.

“I am hiring an employee”, “I am offering a job in a store”, “A job is waiting for a person”, “We are looking for a saleswoman”, “Work for you”, “We are looking for a salesperson” – these are just a few of the many advertisements that have recently appeared on one of the large housing estates in Warsaw. Similar job offers in various industries can be found almost everywhere.

They most often appear on shop windows or service points. We can also notice them in shopping malls, pizzerias, bars, on advertising columns and even in local bazaars. We can also come across job offers when traveling on public transport or in a taxi. Entrepreneurs complain that there are no people willing to work.

Low salary discourages candidates from working

Subsequent announcements differ only slightly from each other. The well-worn slogan “Attractive remuneration” no longer works on candidates as it used to, like a magnet to attract more people to a job interview. Further improvements for employees are of little use. “Flexible schedule”, “You decide when you work”, “You choose the form of the contract” – have already become a standard in the labor market, not a benefit. No one looks at places where the salary amount is not specified. In most cases, the reported salary is PLN 3.5 – PLN 5,000. PLN gross also discourages potential candidates.

Mr. Adam, a Warsaw entrepreneur, who had been looking for employees for many weeks with no success, found out about this. I placed advertisements on recruitment websites, social media and on my company’s website. And nothing, silence – he said some time ago on Other employers spoke in a similar tone.

Job advertisement. A small adjustment to the offer changed the situation

“I will hire anyone who comes to a job interview. I will sign the contract with the employee immediately. I counted everything carefully. Every day without an employee means big financial losses for me.” – said another entrepreneur. The owner of the pizzeria exchanged the amount of PLN 5,000 in the advertisement. PLN gross per 5 thousand PLN net. “It worked instantly. Every day several people came to ask about work.” – added. He noted that he filled all vacancies in less than two weeks.

The vacancies could not be filled by another entrepreneur who had a company in the same shopping arcade. For a long time he was looking for employees for a butcher shop. For a job advertisement with a salary of PLN 3.5-5 thousand. PLN gross per month, only one candidate responded. She came to Poland from Ukraine and was looking for any job. – She was going to think about it and call. She didn’t come or call – recalls one of the store employees. Then there was silence, no one wanted to submit their CV.

Eventually, the situation changed dramatically. The entrepreneur also converted the gross amount into net remuneration. He highlighted everything in red. – Several people have already asked about the job. More candidates want to schedule recruitment interviews – claims. – Even customers who buy cold cuts from us ask about job offers both for themselves and for their friends. – he points out.

Labor market. “The earnings amounts impress us”

This is the so-called nominal illusion. We respond to nominal values. We are impressed by the earnings amounts – says economist Marek Zuber from the WSB Academy in an interview with – Today 5 thousand PLN, it is much less than two years ago, because at that time we had high inflation. But for many people, this amount is still impressive because we have become accustomed to it. Since then, money has lost so much value – he adds.

In his opinion, the amount was PLN 5,000. PLN gross in a job advertisement does not make much of an impression on employees. – We must remember that the minimum wage has increased significantly recently. And this means an increase in most salaries on the market. PLN 5,000 gross no longer makes such an impression, especially on young people – says the expert.

Labor market specialists also express similar views. In their opinion, even students will not agree to work for this amount, especially in large cities. Today, many people clearly talk about their financial expectations, which are much higher than PLN 5,000. PLN gross. “They want to earn at least PLN 5,000. PLN per month in the first job” – this is according to PwC research.

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