Chaos around CPK. Every minister has a different opinion. Lasek: There is no discussion whether the CPK will be established

Chaos around CPK.  Every minister has a different opinion.  Lasek: There is no discussion whether the CPK will be established

The Central Communication Port is currently the number one political topic. The chaos in the ruling camp itself is so great that we can hear a different opinion on this matter almost every day.

The situation around the Central Communication Port can currently be described in one word: chaos. One day we learn that an investment audit is underway, the next day it turns out that there is no audit. The Prime Minister ridicules the actions of PiS, the deputy minister says that the aviation component is pointless, and the government representative for the CPK claims that there is no discussion about whether the CPK will be established.

CPK. Airport ‘makes no sense’

Fuel to the fire was added – not for the first time – by the Deputy Minister of Climate, Urszula Zielińska, who became famous during the election campaign for a very unfortunate statement about a nuclear power plant. Now she did not mince her words regarding the CPK.

– CPK has a part that is worth considering, i.e. the railway. However, it should not be built by areas that need to be protected, e.g. landscape parks. However, the aviation part is completely crap. It does not make sense – said Urszula Zielińska, deputy minister of climate, chairwoman of the Green party, on Radio Zet.

– Today we should invest in infrastructure projects, but those that allow us to reduce transport costs, CO2 emissions, and eliminate transport exclusion. The spokes designated for the CPK run through national parks, green areas around cities – she added.

Lasek: There is no discussion whether the CPK will be established

On the same day, the government plenipotentiary for the construction of the Central Communication Port, Maciej Lasek, expressed a completely different opinion on this matter. In the recording published on the Civic Platform’s social media profiles, he said: – We are starting serious work on the CPK project. Today there is no discussion whether the CPK will be built. Today there is a discussion about when and in what configuration. The best specialists, not party nominees, work on this.

Interestingly, the video was originally accompanied by an entry “CPK will be established! The best specialists are working on the construction plan”. However, the post was deleted and replaced with a new one.

The day before, Prime Minister Donald Tusk himself mocked the debate on the construction of the CPK. He stated on the X website that “The debate about stopping the construction of the CPK is pointless. PiS has not even started this construction. You might as well discuss the quality of Izera electric cars,” wrote Prime Minister Donald Tusk on the X portal.

90 percent viewers of Channel Zero in favor of the construction of the CPK

In all this there is the opinion of Poles about the Central Communication Port. On February 7, there was a three-hour debate on Channel Zero on this controversial project, which seems to be controversial due to the words of politicians. During it, a poll was conducted in which viewers could vote. It turned out that not everyone found the topic so controversial. Of the over 10,000 votes cast in the survey, as many as 90 percent people were in favor of building the CPK.

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