The entire Spanish village is for sale. The price is not prohibitive at all

The entire Spanish village is for sale.  The price is not prohibitive at all

A house in Spain is a dream that almost everyone who has ever visited this beautiful country would dream of. But what if the entire town is for sale?

The town of Saldo de Castro in northwestern Spain has just been put up for sale. The starting price is PLN 260,000. euro, i.e. after conversion, about one million and two hundred thousand zlotys. The amount is obviously too high for the average Pole, but we know millionaires whose houses or apartments can cost many times more. A million for the whole town? This sounds like a promotion.

Salto de Castro. A ghost town near the border

Located three kilometers from Madrid, Salto de Castro is right on the border with Portugal. The village consists of 44 houses, a hotel, a school, a church, a municipal swimming pool and Guardia Civil barracks. However, there are no inhabitants – it has been abandoned for three decades. The owner of the town created this place at the beginning of the first decade of the 21st century with the intention of transforming it into a tourist resort. However, the economic crisis thwarted his plans.

Royal Invest, representing the owner, emphasizes that the plan to create a tourist town on the border with Portugal is still valid. The 80-year-old seller explains that he is abandoning his ambitious project because he is a “townie” and can no longer afford to maintain the town. His vision would be continued by someone else.

300 interested in the new price of Salto de Castro

So far, 300 entities have expressed interest in the auction. Applications come from Russia, France, Belgium and Great Britain. One potential buyer was already ready to spend money to reserve the village for himself. Previously, there were attempts to sell the same place for EUR 6.5 million, so the current asking price seems like quite a bargain.

Salto de Castro was built by the Ibuerdo company, which brought families of workers working on a nearby construction site here in the 1950s. After completing the investment, the builders left the village and by 1990 it was completely uninhabited.

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