An opposition MP asked about awards in ministries. There are calculations from the Ministry of Finance

The Ministry discloses estimated budget implementation.  We know the amount of the deficit

1,572 employees of the Ministry of Finance received awards in the average amount of almost PLN 3,000. PLN gross – the ministry informed. This applies to awards paid after the new government was sworn in.

Law and Justice MP Łukasz Kmita asked all ministries about the value of awards they paid to employees after December 13, 2023, i.e. from the day the new government was sworn in. Deputy Minister of Finance Paweł Karbownik announced that in the period from December 13, 2023 to March 1, 2024, awards in the total amount of PLN 5,088,231.44 gross were paid at the Ministry of Finance. They were awarded to 1,572 people, and the average amount of the prize was PLN 2,871.46 gross.

Awards at the Ministry of Finance

On December 13, statutory and lump-sum bonuses in the amount of PLN 1,487,794.92 were also paid. They were received by 296 employees. The average bonus amount was PLN 1,702.28 gross.

The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Finance explained that awards for special achievements in professional work and awards for special achievements in the Customs and Tax Service are spent within the available funds for remuneration and emoluments, included in the budget of the Ministry of Finance. No funds other than those allocated in the budget for employee remuneration and remuneration of officers in the Ministry of Finance for a given year may be used for the payment of bonuses.

The deputy minister added that “salaries, remuneration, awards and bonuses are elements of pay tools for motivating employees and are used by employers, both private and public.” He noted, however, that “persons holding the positions of secretaries of state, undersecretaries of state and director general in the above-mentioned period no bonuses, prizes or discretionary allowances were paid.”

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