The Day Before issue returns. Players try to save the game

The Day Before is the biggest flop of 2023.  The creators deceived the players

The theme of The Day Before unexpectedly returns, although this time in a slightly more positive context than before.

Just in mid-December last year, it seemed like it was all over The Day Before, because the once boisterously announced game ultimately turned out to be a big flop. The project was suddenly canceled and the studio behind it closed, even though some Steam users managed to purchase the game in early access.

And although it really seemed like this was the absolute end of the story called The Day Before, suddenly there is an unexpected twist. It seems that the game may gain new life thanks to the involvement of the community gathered around it.

The Day Before is back thanks to modders

Two players, using the pseudonyms Luci0 and Fskartd, took action to bring the discredited The Day Before back to life. They started working on finding a method to bypass the game’s official source code protections and adapt it to play offline, in single-player mode.

Luci0 and Fskartd are the so-called modders, i.e. people who unofficially create new content for a given game or modify its source code in line with the expectations of the community of other players. They have just informed that they are “doing what they can” to modify and make the game available in a more accessible form. At the end, however, they added that they “do not promise anything” and that it is still too early to talk about the potential release date of the revised The Day Before.

However, from the Reddit forum we learn that Internet users have already managed to break the game’s security and run it without the need to use the Steam platform. And this is the main goal of the extensive work of people from the modding scene – the idea is to make the game possible to play without the need for an Internet connection. We’ll probably find out soon what will come of it.

Either way, corrective actions have been taken, so this is good news for fans of what the developers from Fntastic have managed to deliver so far. By the way, in the face of the spectacular flop of The Day Before, the name of the studio gives the whole thing a rather absurdly humorous dimension.

December’s confusion surrounding The Day Before

The Day Before was loudly announced as an MMO survival game in the world of zombies and at the same time the first mass production of this type involving the living dead. The title looked really promising in the trailers, and in terms of gameplay it resembled the amazing The Last of Us from Sony.

On December 13, the creators of The Day Before suddenly started deleting their previous entries about the project from the Internet. It soon turned out that the Fntastic studio was closed, the project was liquidated, and the game promised as a new standard in the industry remained unfinished and tragically executed on the servers.

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