Should TikTok be blocked? More countries are considering it

Should TikTok be blocked?  More countries are considering it

TikTok is like kindergarten where kids do whatever they want. They fool around, insult, call names, humiliate, organize and mock. And the kindergarten teachers make them even more excited about it. They often even initiate and provoke people to do stupid, dangerous and really dangerous things.

No one has any real control over the TikTok mess, but it’s all being used in China’s international games against Western countries.

Disinformation, Chinese censorship regarding genocides in China, content inappropriate for children, sexualization and objectification, making teenagers suffer from complexes, behavioral addictions – these are just some of the basic attributes of TikTok.

Who uses TikTok?

TikTok is a social media application in which the dominant form of publication is short – approximately 15-second – videos. It gathers mainly young people, but not exclusively. First, it gained rapid popularity in China (where it comes from) under the name Douyin, and then began to conquer the world.

The most popular tiktoker in the world – American Charli D’Amelio, born in 2004 – has a profile followed by over 130 million users. Hot on her heels is Khabane Lame from Senegal, who ostentatiously points out that he lives in Italy and has 130 million followers.

Multi-million accounts of celebrities and influencers on TikTok now belong to various people from various countries. Robert Lewandowski has over 5 million fans there, and 18-year-old Pole Lena “Moonlight” Kociszewska – 3 million.

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