The birth of a mouse deer in the Wrocław zoo. This is the first such recording in the world

The birth of a mouse deer in the Wrocław zoo.  This is the first such recording in the world

So far, only twelve Philippine chanterelles have lived in European zoos. Recently, the thirteenth individual was born, and his birth was captured on cameras. This is an unusual situation because representatives of the species lead a very secretive lifestyle and it is rarely possible to film their behavior.

In European zoos there are 12 Philippine chanterelles, i.e. representatives of one of the ten species of buzzards. Among them, only one individual is male, which made the prolongation of the species an extremely difficult task. This is why it was decided to conduct the so-called conservation breeding, and the Wroclaw Zoo is responsible for one of them.

The birth of a chanterelle in Wrocław. There is a recording

It turns out that observing animals is not easy. – Kancholes lead a very secretive lifestyle and were only filmed in nature in 2016. That’s why so little is known about them. It’s hard to see them at the zoo. They hide from people in a thicket of grass or nooks and crannies of a pagoda – explained Radosław Ratajszczak, president of the Wrocław zoo.

Employees of the Wrocław zoo decided to install cameras, thanks to which, on the night of November 10, it was possible to record the birth of a baby chevrolet. As Ratajszczak assures, the video caused a sensation on industry channels, because no one knew beforehand how childbirth proceeds – whether the female gives birth standing up, how long it takes to give birth or how quickly the young one gets up.

The only male living in a zoo in Europe is Johnny English from Wrocław, which hinders the development of breeding. – Kanchillas, when they feel good, multiply quite easily and sexually mature quite quickly. Unfortunately, they are very sensitive to external factors, such as bacteria, fungi or weather, which we deal with in Europe. We have to take very good care of them and keep them under certain conditions. Therefore, females from Chester and Rotterdam will have to wait until a male is born and grows up here – explained Ratajszczak and expressed hope that the newborn chevrolet will be a male. We won’t know its gender until later.

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