Drug lords’ properties are up for sale. The way they lived is impressive

Drug lords' properties are up for sale.  The way they lived is impressive

The Mexican authorities decided to organize auctions at which the properties of drug lords were put up for sale. The proceeds are to be donated to a noble cause.

According to the BBC, luxury properties that belonged to drug cartel leaders were sold at an auction organized in Mexico. The portal’s journalists briefly describe what they looked like inside. However, despite the lack of detailed information about the equipment, it must be admitted that the estates were simply dripping with wealth. The houses were not only luxuriously equipped, but the architects involved in their creation took into account not only visual aspects, but also organizational issues. There were special “evacuation tunnels” inside one of the properties, reports the BBC. There were often large swimming pools next to the properties, as well as a lot of vegetation.

Mexico’s president declared that profits from the sale would go to people who have been “affected by the violence of drug gangs.” He added that “the money will help the poor and marginalized.” 27 properties were put up for sale. There are inaccuracies in media reports regarding the number of properties that have been sold. The BBC reports that nine properties have been sold.

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