Steve Wozniak had a stroke? The Apple co-founder was hospitalized

Steve Wozniak had a stroke?  The Apple co-founder was hospitalized

According to local media, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was hospitalized on Wednesday with a suspected stroke. The 73-year-old scientist and technology entrepreneur participated in the World Business Forum.

According to Mexican media, Wozniak delivered a speech at 16.20 local time, after which he told his wife that he “felt strange” and went to the hospital. Local press reports that the Apple co-founder may have had a stroke, but according to American TMZ, his condition may have been a less serious attack of vertigo.

Steve Wozniak in the hospital

According to TMZ, Wozniak allegedly told his wife that he felt fine, but she insisted that the businessman go to the hospital. According to the website, several people from Steve’s team are flying from the United States to Mexico by private jet to see for themselves what is happening to him and, if necessary, take him back to the United States for further treatment.

The Apple co-founder has been traveling a lot recently, but it’s unclear whether fatigue played a role in the medical emergency.

Co-founder of Apple

In 1976, Wozniak founded the fledgling Apple Computer company with his more famous business partner Steve Jobs, a renowned investor and longtime Apple CEO who died in 2011.

Their company was a pioneer in personal computing and became the most valuable company in the world, known for the design and functionality of a range of consumer electronics, including laptops and desktop computers, as well as the iPhone mobile phone.

During the conference organized at the turn of October and November, Apple showed new products coming to the company’s computers. The main focus was on the new M3 chip, which will go to iMacs and MackBook Pros.

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