She had a tumor the size of an orange in her stomach. It turned out to be pancreatic cancer

She had a tumor the size of an orange in her stomach.  It turned out to be pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer affected the young model. Tirah Ciampa is recovering from surgery to remove a huge tumor. The influencer appeals to her fans to be vigilant to the signals coming from the body. Symptoms of pancreatic cancer can easily be confused with menstrual pain.

Pancreatic cancer is a malignant tumor with a very aggressive course. About 3,200 people in Poland are diagnosed every year. Among them are women and men in their prime. The well-known actress Anna Przybylska learned about the disease at the age of 34. She died after an 18-month battle with pancreatic cancer. Model Tirah Ciampa is 27 years old. She was diagnosed in February. It turns out that one of the first symptoms that indicated the disease was similar to the Polish actress.

What are the warning signs of pancreatic cancer?

Pancreatic cancer is called the “silent killer” for a reason. Doctors emphasize that despite its aggressiveness, this cancer is very insidious because it does not give characteristic symptoms. The patient’s health usually deteriorates when the disease is well advanced. In the early stages, the cancer sends little or no symptoms.

In the biography of Anna Przybylska, we can read that the first sign of the actress’ illness was abdominal pain and weakness of the body. It was easy to explain them with a lot of work and family responsibilities – Anna Przybylska was the mother of three children. She also struggled with depression – according to doctors, depression may be one of the symptoms of an endocrine tumor of the pancreas. Model Tirah Ciampa, a Miss World Australia finalist, did not have this symptom, but she complained of abdominal pain and back pain. At first, they were not bothersome enough to be consulted with specialists. Therefore, Tirah treated herself with home methods, explaining to herself that the ailments could result from living in stress and not getting enough sleep. According to an article in Tasmanian Sunday, she sometimes “felt like she had been punched in the back”. She went to a physiotherapist, but sometimes abdominal pain radiated to the spine, so the model even at work had to take breaks to lie down on the floor and lie down. She thought it could be menstrual pain or caused by too much effort in the gym – the model is very active, she does, among others, weightlifting. fitness. She did not think that a dangerous enemy lurked in her body in the form of pancreatic cancer.

A large tumor in the belly of the model

When the pain became unbearable and her heart rate spiked, Tirah Ciampa went to see a specialist. Specialist examinations, including abdominal ultrasound and biopsy, left no doubt – the pancreas of the model was occupied by a huge tumor measuring 15 by 15 cm. The only solution was surgery, which took place at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

I woke up after a 7 hour surgery with 9 different tubes coming out of my body ” – the model wrote on her Instagram profile. She spent 9 days in the hospital. It was a time filled with pain and injections. It was necessary to switch to a liquid diet. If this tumor had stayed for another year or two, I would have died. Listen to your body! Especially women who attribute certain symptoms to menstrual cycles or hormonal imbalances..

Tirah Ciampa adds that she is very grateful to everyone who supported her in her illness, especially her boyfriend Tom. It turns out that the model is so used to pain that only now she realizes how simple activities (getting out of bed, taking a shower) can look like without it.

What are the symptoms of pancreatic cancer?

Today, the model returns to work after several months of rehabilitation. She is doing well, her results are getting better. She is going to take part in the Miss World Australia final. At the same time, she emphasizes that she feels a mission to talk about what she has been through, especially since pancreatic cancer is very insidious. Tirah Ciampa will not hide the scar from surgery, even though it is extensive and visible.

Tirah appeals to everyone to pay attention to the warning signals that the body can send out. Symptoms of pancreatic cancer include:

  • stomachache,

  • back pain,

  • nausea,

  • vomiting,

  • loss of appetite

  • weight loss,

  • darker urine color

  • fat in the stool (fatty diarrhea)

  • weakness,

  • blood in the stool

  • depression.

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