Music wakes you up better than coffee? Surprising research results

Music wakes you up better than coffee?  Surprising research results

Drinking coffee and listening to music are two different pleasures at first glance. However, it turns out that they can give a similar effect. This was proved by a recent study by scientists from New York University and the University of Houston. His results were published in “Nature’s Scientific Reports”

The experiment used a new brain monitoring technology known as Mindwatch. The volunteers were divided into three groups and asked to solve cognitive tests of varying difficulty. All involved working memory. Some participants performed the indicated activities while listening to music (the study used energetic, relaxing melodies and songs generated by artificial intelligence based on the participants’ preferences), others – drinking coffee, and still others carried out the tasks while smelling perfume. The experiment brought surprising results.

A portion of music instead of coffee to stimulate

It turned out that listening to music and drinking coffee produced similar results. It was associated with an increase in cognitive performance, with the best results achieved by subjects who were played songs generated by artificial intelligence. Interestingly, the greatest efficiency was recorded during the most demanding tasks. Therefore, scientists suggest that you do not need to reach for the proverbial little black dress to stimulate the body to action and gain energy for work. Just turn on your favorite mix.

Is it really that simple? Scientists admit that each person is different and may react differently to a given stimulus. Therefore, the presented results should not be generalized. Further analysis is needed to verify the existence of the presented relationships between cognitive arousal and stimulation through music. Nevertheless, the presented research may prove to be a good “introduction” to more extensive experiments.

“The pandemic has affected the mental well-being of many people around the world. Therefore, we need to focus on monitoring the impact of everyday stressors on human cognition,” noted Rose Faghih, one of the authors of the study.

It is also necessary to check how music affects other areas of cognitive functioning, for example concentration or processing information coming from the environment.

How to stimulate the body to work without coffee?

The body is perfectly stimulated by green tea, yerba mate, as well as water with the addition of lemon. If you want to gain more energy for work, take a quick cool shower, go out into the fresh air and organize a small workout. You don’t have to reach for dumbbells or other specialized equipment right away. A brisk, several-minute walk is enough. Exposure to sunlight is also very important. Staying in darkened and shaded rooms promotes the production of melatonin responsible for the feeling of sleepiness.

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