Leaked recordings from adult cams. What’s going on with Natsu?

Leaked recordings from adult cams.  What's going on with Natsu?

Since Thursday, May 6, the phrase “Natsu video” has been breaking popularity records on social media. We explain what is going on in the case of YouTuber Natalia Karczmarczyk from “Team X” and the leak of recordings with her participation from adult webcams.

On Thursday, May 6, social media heated up with information about the leak of erotic recordings from sex cams with the participation of the famous YouTuber Natsu. They were available, among others: on Wykop and YouTube. The influencer received a wave of hate. At the same time, Instagram was flooded with a wave of photos with the words “wall behind Natsu”. Activist Maja Staśko also defended Natalia Karczmarczyk, emphasizing that sex cameras are not a bad thing, and such work allows many people to survive. Taxes are paid from it, it is done by adults for adults, she said.

Sylwester Wardęga, in turn, estimated that the whole thing could be good for Natsu because feminists will be on her side, and he can also increase his reach: he can gain 50-100,000 on Instagram. followers.

Natsu: This is a time in my life that I never wanted to go back to

Natalia Karczmarczyk herself confirmed the authenticity of these recordings. – I am terribly devastated by this situation, I feel terribly stupid and confused. These events happened 4 years ago, it is a time in my life that I never wanted to go back to. I was deceived, but I can’t turn back time, she said. Natsu emphasized that distributing these videos or photos with her participation is illegal and the case was reported to the police. – I really want your perception of me not to change. Let me live and create what I love. I love my life as it is, so please do not distribute these materials, she appealed.

Natsu – who is he, age?

Natsu comes from Silesia and is considered one of the richest influencers in Poland. She does not reveal her age, but according to her fans, she is around 24 years old. In 2018, Natalia Karczmarczyk founded a YouTube channel with over a million subscribers. Over 1.1 million people follow her profile on Instagram, and 1.6 million on TikTok. She also starred in the para-documentary series “Szkoła” broadcast by TVN, in which she played the role of Ewa Karasiewicz.

She also appeared in the productions of YouTuber Stuu. In 2020, she joined “Team X” – a group of famous YouTubers who live together in one villa near Warsaw and from there report their lives via videos on YT. The band also recorded seven pieces of music, including: Adios or Siedem with Natsu rapping, which have been viewed over 19 million times.

Previously, Karczmarczyk dreamed of becoming a doctor, but she failed to get into medicine. She studied pharmacy and took a sabbatical during her studies.

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