Protests near the border with Ukraine. The spokesman of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns the “aggressive attitude” of Polish farmers

Protests near the border with Ukraine.  The spokesman of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns the "aggressive attitude" of Polish farmers

A nationwide farmers’ protest has started. Traffic difficulties appear in almost all voivodeships. The spokesman for Ukrainian diplomacy issued a statement on the situation at the border.

Oleh Nikolenko emphasized that land borders are important in the context of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war. In his opinion, “the actions of Polish protesters and some radical Polish politicians undermine the Ukrainian economy and resistance to repelling Russian aggression,” we read.

Nikolenko condemns the “aggressive attitude” of Polish farmers

As the official adds, the Polish-Ukrainian border is part of the European Union, so “it should not be held hostage by any political interests.” Nikolenko believes that the “aggressive attitude” of farmers towards Ukrainians and Ukrainian goods at the border should not take place and is reprehensible.

Nikolenko also drew attention to anti-Ukrainian slogans – in his opinion, they emphasize that these events are politically motivated. Ultimately – according to the diplomat – uttering such slogans is intended to provoke a deterioration of relations on both sides. Moreover, those taking part in the event do not talk about the threats related to the import of grain and other agricultural products, including: from Russia.

Nikolenko calls on the Polish authorities to unblock the Polish-Ukrainian crossings and to ban the use of anti-Ukrainian slogans. In his opinion, they are not supported by any arguments. He also emphasized how important solidarity is today. Ukraine and Poland have built a community in recent years and must now maintain good relations and “reject all attempts to undermine mutual trust and jeopardize the security of both countries,” we read.

Incident at the station in Medyka. There were clashes with the police

In the fourth week of February, protesting farmers took to the roads in almost all of Poland. The blockades they organized will appear on national and provincial routes, in city centers and near the Polish-Ukrainian border crossings. In some parts of the country, hunters will also join the action.

“The problem of the profitability of agricultural production, processing and other industries in our country is the uncontrolled inflow of goods from Ukraine, which are imported due to the opening of the EU border with this country,” emphasizes Agricultural Solidarity. The union claims that it is primarily about ensuring food security in the country.

There were many incidents during the nationwide event. On February 20, there were fights in the railway area, near the station in Medyka. There were even clashes between farmers and the police. No one was arrested, and after, among others, After pouring grains of Ukrainian corn from the wagons, the farmers returned to the nearby national road – reported

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