Problems with Russian oil continue. France and Italy don't want to pay

Problems with Russian oil continue.  France and Italy don't want to pay

The Druzhba pipeline, which transports Russian crude oil, is being blocked. The taps were turned off almost a month ago when contaminants were detected in the raw material.

The French and Italians, to whom Russian oil should flow, told Reuters that they would not pay for deliveries until the raw material was cleaned. As agreed during the talks that took place shortly after the contamination was detected, two Polish and two German refineries will be responsible for the process of reprocessing the oil to a state in which it will be fit for use. On the Polish side, PKN Orlen and Lotos were obliged to do so.

According to Reuters information, the Italians and the French have already informed Rosneft and Surgutneftegaz that they have no intention of paying for oil until the cause and amount of losses caused by pollution are known.

Contaminated oil from Russia

PERN, in order to protect the Polish transmission system and refinery installations, on April 24 suspended the receipt of supplies of contaminated crude oil delivered to PERN customers from the Belarusian transmission system to the base in Adamowo. The company made this decision at the request of customers for whom it provides pipeline transport services for the oil they purchase.

“Thanks to the release of crude oil reserves, continuity of processing and fuel supply to the Polish market will be ensured until the causes of the failure are clarified and the transmission system in Poland is cleaned. In the event of a prolonged lack of raw material supplies, crude oil will be imported to Polish refineries via an alternative route, i.e. via Naftoport in Gdańsk.. – the Polish Ministry of Energy announced in a statement.

Security Service investigation

The Investigative Committee of Russia and the Federal Security Service are taking part in the investigation on the Russian side. The officers identified four people in the group of companies that supply crude oil to the Druzhba pipeline. Minister Novak did not want to specify which companies he was talking about.

As the minister noted, the situation is to be resolved in the second half of May, and the Russian Ministry of Energy expects that Poland will soon consent to resuming the transmission of raw material.

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