Poles consider this disease a sign of weakness. It is much more dangerous than we think

Poles consider this disease a sign of weakness.  It is much more dangerous than we think

Obesity is a condition in which the body accumulates excess fat tissue, which can lead to various health problems. However, we often do not realize how serious they can be.

Obesity is a disease characterized by excessive storage of fat tissue. This leads to a deterioration of the health condition and quality of life of the sick person. It is a global problem and also a disease of civilization. This condition is often disregarded and sometimes perceived in a stereotypical and harmful way. However, it is a chronic disease that has really dangerous consequences for our body.

Obesity is sometimes perceived as a sign of weakness

The latest report by the digital metabolic health clinic Holi, “Holistically about the problem of obesity in Poland”, shows that about 30 percent of Poles consider obesity a sign of weakness. It turns out that Poles also wrongly perceive this disease as a choice or the result of neglect. The analysis shows that this is the opinion of both people struggling with obesity and those whose BMI is within the normal range.

People who struggle with obesity are often stigmatized in our society. This, in turn, affects their well-being, self-perception, and interpersonal relationships. Due to social stigmatization and due to their body weight, every fourth person prefers to work remotely. Harmful stereotypes affect many aspects of their lives. As many as 3 out of 4 people with obesity agree with the statement that this disease increases the risk of depression. Therefore, psychological problems cannot be ignored in all the consequences of obesity. It is worth emphasizing that obesity may negatively affect the overall quality of life and shorten its expected duration. That is why it is so important to take actions aimed at weight control and a healthy lifestyle.

What does obesity lead to? The consequences are really serious

The consequences of obesity are not limited to issues related to appearance or limited physical activity. It is not without reason that recently the tragic consequences of this disease have been talked about more and more loudly. Obesity may lead to an increased risk of many lifestyle diseases. First of all, heart and blood vessel diseases, such as atherosclerosis, heart attack or stroke, but also coronary heart disease or ischemic heart disease. Additionally, it may lead to type 2 diabetes.

Obesity also contributes to cancer and thrombosis. Its consequences may also include gynecological problems resulting from hormonal disorders – infertility or irregular menstruation. This disease may also impair fertility in men. Obesity can also cause fatty liver disease, which in turn leads to liver inflammation or cirrhosis. This disease may also be responsible for sleep apnea.

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