How do erectile dysfunction drugs affect heart health? The results are surprising

How do erectile dysfunction drugs affect heart health?  The results are surprising

How do erectile dysfunction drugs affect adverse cardiovascular events? Can you take Viagra without worrying about your health? This was investigated by scientists from the Huntington Medical Research Institutes in Pasadena, USA.

This is the first study on the relationship between taking drugs for erectile dysfunction (PDE-5) and the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases conducted in such a large population of men. Researchers analyzed the medical records of over 70,000 people over a period of 14 years. men with erectile dysfunction who were taking Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and other similar drugs.

How do erectile dysfunction drugs affect the heart?

Studies have shown that men taking erectile dysfunction drugs are less likely to experience serious adverse cardiovascular events as well as deaths from heart disease compared to those who have the disorder and are not taking the drugs. Noticed:

  • 39% lower death rate from heart disease

  • 22% lower rate of unstable angina

  • 17% lower rate of heart failure

  • lower percentage of procedures such as angioplasty, stents by 15%,

  • 25% lower death rate from any cause

Where do erectile dysfunction come from?

A decrease in libido and problems with erection can occur regardless of age. The most common causes of erectile dysfunction resulting from a medical condition include:

  • diabetes,

  • atherosclerosis,

  • urinary tract infection

  • prostate hyperplasia,

  • hormonal disorders,

  • neurological disorders.

A man who notices erection problems should see a general practitioner, andrologist, cardiologist or urologist. Particularly disturbing if he also notices other symptoms, e.g. weight gain, hypertension, pain during urination, doctors indicate.

Erectile dysfunction can also have other causes

It happens that erection problems are caused by:

  • stress,

  • overwork,

  • alcohol abuse,

  • bad diet.

Erection problems can also be caused by emotional or psychological problems. Underlying are unrealistic ideas about sex and orgasm, fears about satisfying the partner. With these types of problems, you can get help from a sexologist who will help find the cause of anxiety and show you ways to deal with it.

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