These activities are good for the heart. Surprising reports from scientists

These activities are good for the heart.  Surprising reports from scientists

An international team of scientists assessed which activities are best for the heart. The research conducted brought surprising conclusions. You don’t expect this. See what to do to take care of your heart.

Experts analyzed six different studies involving over 15,000 people from five countries. They were looking for an answer to the question: how different activities affect the cardiovascular system. It’s no secret that the most benefits come from staying active – running, brisk walking, and climbing the stairs. However, other activities that do not require too much effort and commitment also turn out to be helpful. We do them every day and we don’t even realize that thanks to them we also do something for our hearts.

Sleeping is better for the heart than sitting

Even simple and seemingly trivial activities can improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. This is the most important conclusion from research conducted by specialists. Even sleeping or standing is better for the heart than sitting. Even introducing minor modifications to your daily routine, as the study authors emphasize, can reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

If you don’t have time to exercise, use simple exercises. Get up from your desk every now and then and walk around the room, or walk around while talking on the phone. Also try working in a standing position for a while. It doesn’t cost anything, and – as the analyzes show – it can do a lot of good. Just like any other activity that raises your blood pressure and makes you breathe faster. You don’t have to devote the whole day to it to see satisfying results. Just a minute a day is enough.

It is worth paying attention to one more important issue – the discoveries made by scientists do not invalidate the results of previously conducted studies, which prove that moderate intensity activity for about 30 minutes a day is best for the cardiovascular system. Specialists do not dispute these reports, but only add other types of activities to the set of “exercises” important for the heart. Scientists have hope. that their observations will reach as many people as possible and encourage them to modify their habits. After all, most big changes start with small, seemingly insignificant steps.

Why is sitting bad for the heart?

A sedentary lifestyle contributes to the occurrence of overweight, obesity, atherosclerosis and diabetes. All these diseases also indirectly negatively affect the functioning of the heart. They burden and weaken it, so it cannot function efficiently. It should be noted that spending most of the time at a desk or in front of the TV also has a negative impact on other organs, such as the lungs, kidneys and liver.

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