New NBP gold collector coin: “Banknote with a face value of PLN 20”

New NBP gold collector coin: "Banknote with a face value of PLN 20"

On January 23, 2024, the National Bank of Poland puts into circulation a gold coin with a face value of PLN 20 from the series “Polish circulation banknotes” – “Banknote with a face value of PLN 20”.

The set of silver coins “Polish circulation banknotes”, introduced into circulation in June 2022, met with great acclaim from collectors, which inspired the National Bank of Poland to launch a series of gold collector coins “Polish circulation banknotes” minted with a mirror stamp in 2023. As part of this series, stylized images of banknotes currently in circulation are presented on rectangular coins measuring 50.00 x 25.00 mm. The motifs on their obverses and reverses have been reproduced with the utmost attention to detail.

NBP started this series with the issue in June 2023 of a gold coin “Banknote with a denomination of PLN 10”, presenting a stylized image of a modern circulation banknote with a denomination of PLN 10.

On January 23, 2024, NBP will put into circulation the second gold coin from the “Polish circulation banknotes” series – “Banknote with a denomination of PLN 20”, which will present a stylized image of a modern circulation banknote with a denomination of PLN 20.

Its design provides that on the reverse, in the central part, in a decorative medallion, there is a portrait of King Bolesław I the Brave. In the background of the inscriptions you can see the outline of a Romanesque portal. On the right side of the portrait there is an oval with fragments of the crown and a stylized oak tree beneath it.

On the obverse, in the central part, there is an image of a silver denarius – a coin from the reign of Bolesław I the Brave. On the left side of the denarius there is an image of a rotunda, above it you can see an oval with fragments of a crown. On the right side there is an image of a lion climbing on a plant tendril.

A series of gold coins – showing images of banknotes

The “Polish circulation banknotes” series consists of rectangular coins, presenting stylized images of modern circulation banknotes that we use in everyday transactions.

Until December 31, 1994, we were all “millionaires” because prices and salaries were expressed nominally in millions of zlotys. A day later, the zloty was denominated. On January 1, 1995, a banknote with a face value of PLN 10,000 changed into a 1-zloty coin, and PLN 1 million into 100 new zlotys. Even a penny gained value. In 1995, banknotes in denominations of PLN 10, PLN 20, PLN 50, PLN 100 and PLN 200 entered circulation, while a PLN 500 banknote was introduced into circulation in 2017 – reminds historian Jan Żaryn in the folder devoted to the issue of the collector coin . The author of the designs of all banknotes with images of Polish rulers was Andrzej Heidrich, called the “king of Polish banknotes”.

“Polish Rulers” and Andrzej Heidrich

The series of banknotes “Polish Rulers”, designed by Andrzej Heidrich (1928-2019), will celebrate the 30th anniversary of issue in 2025. The author of the series began his cooperation with the National Bank of Poland much earlier, in 1960. As historian Jan Żaryn recalls, Andrzej Heidrich was invited to a closed competition for a new PLN 1,000 banknote.

His project and two others were distinguished. Over the years, commissioned by the National Bank of Poland, he made dozens of sketches and designs of banknotes, but it was only in 1975 that the first banknote of his creation was put into circulation – PLN 500 with Tadeusz Kościuszko – writes Jan Żaryn. The author himself, Andrzej Heidrich, fondly recalled the introduction of the first banknote according to his design: “I was really moved. I found myself paying with it or observing other people and thinking: this is my work.

Andrzej Heidrich designed two series of banknotes. The first of them – “Great Poles” was in circulation from 1975 to 1996 (designs were from 1974-1993), the second “Polish Rulers” has been in circulation since 1995 to this day (banknote designs are from 1994). .

Detailed information about the new collector’s coin

Gold collector coin “Polish circulation banknotes”

  • face value: PLN 20

  • metal: Au 999.9/1000

  • stamp: mirror

  • dimensions: 50.00 × 25.00 mm

  • weight: 31.10 g

  • edge (side): smooth

  • mintage: up to 1,500 pcs.

  • Author of the coin’s graphic design: Robert Kotowicz

  • Issuer: NBP

  • At the request of the National Bank of Poland, the coins were produced by Mennica Polska SA

NBP collector banknotes and coins

In 2024, the National Bank of Poland will also continue issuing a series of collector coins: “Indomitable Soldiers Cursed by the Communists”, “Polish Thermopylae” and “History of the Polish Coin”. Further collector coins from the “I believe in Poland” series inaugurated in 2023 will also be introduced into circulation.

NBP collector banknotes and coins are issued to commemorate important events, remember heroes, outstanding figures and authorities. The issue of collector’s items is also an opportunity to develop interests in Polish culture, science and tradition.

Attractive technical and graphic solutions

Collectible coins are made of gold and silver and are often made more attractive by adding elements made of other materials – e.g. amber, striped flint or glass, or additional techniques, e.g. prints made using pad printing, UV printing, selective gold plating or laser matting.

Due to their special nature, collector banknotes differ from general circulation banknotes in richer symbolism of images of people and events, composition and thematic details.

Purchase of NBP collector items – stationary or online

NBP collector banknotes and coins are issued with collectors and numismatists in mind. They can be purchased by anyone who would like to expand their collection or just create it. It is also an attractive, original gift idea. Collectible items issued by the National Bank of Poland can be purchased in the online store or in one of the 16 NBP Regional Branches located in each provincial city.

Information on the schedule for the issue of collector coins and banknotes planned for 2024, as well as details on dates, denominations, issue volumes and technical specifications are available on the website of the National Bank of Poland in the Plan for the issuance of collector items and commemorative coins for 2024. We would like to remind you that the plan may change , current information is published on the website.

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