Mrs. Kasia burst an aneurysm while she was in fitness. There was another one in mind

Mrs. Kasia burst an aneurysm while she was in fitness.  There was another one in mind

For many years she lived with two aneurysms and didn’t even know it. We are talking about 54-year-old Katarzyna Charazińska from Stargard. One of the aneurysms ruptured while the woman was exercising in a fitness class. At the moment, Kasia is fighting for her return to fitness in a specialist center in Krakow. We check what symptoms an aneurysm can cause and who is in the risk group.

June 28, 2023. As usual on Wednesday, 54-year-old Katarzyna Charazińska went to fitness classes. She took part in them regularly – for people with diabetes, and she struggled with it – movement is very important. It helps to maintain proper sugar parameters and proper weight. Mrs. Kasia was happy that she managed to lose extra pounds, which translated into a better mood. During the exercises, the woman felt bad, eventually lost consciousness and fell to the ground. It turned out that the reason for this situation was the rupture of a carotid aneurysm.

Under what circumstances can an aneurysm rupture?

Loss of consciousness and blood flowing from the mouth and nose are some of the symptoms that indicate the rupture of the aneurysm. Upon seeing the unconscious Kasia, the witnesses of the incident called an ambulance. A fitness instructor and a lifeguard from the swimming pool, which is located in the same building as the fitness room, started CPR. It lasted 40 minutes. The heart action was restored, and the patient was transported in a very serious condition to the hospital at Unii Lubelskiej in Szczecin. The doctors’ diagnosis left no illusions.

It turned out that during the classes, my mother had burst a carotid aneurysm, which flooded the whole brain with blood. During the operation, it was secured by neurosurgeons, but the problem turned out to be a second aneurysm located in the head, near the temple. It was also surgically secured so that it would not cause another tragedy – says Mateusz Charaziński, Kasia’s son (the woman has two more daughters).

It is not without reason that aneurysms are called “ticking bombs” because they usually only become apparent when they burst. Very often it is then too late to save the patient. It turns out that strenuous exercise may be a factor that triggers the rupture of an aneurysm. Among others, there are resentment, urgency, agitation and anger.

Aneurysm rupture – symptoms

Aneurysms can be located both within the circulatory system and in specific organs, e.g. in the brain, kidneys or in the heart. Lesions most often appear within the largest arteries, but they can also affect the veins.

The following symptoms may indicate a ruptured aneurysm:

  • sudden, severe pain – the location depends on the location of the aneurysm,

  • dizziness,

  • fast heartbeat,

  • sweaty, pale, sticky skin,

  • dyspnoea,

  • swoon,

  • numbness or weakness in one part of your body

  • vision problems, photophobia,

  • convulsions

  • difficulty speaking.

How do you tell if someone has an aneurysm?

Twelve days after the operation, Katarzyna Charazińska began to wake up. It turned out that the patient has paresis of the right side of the body. With each subsequent day, it began to subside, the woman regained feeling in her right hand and leg mobility. Family and friends started the fight for Kasia’s recovery. Within 4 days, they collected PLN 30,000 to start treatment at the Votum Polish Center for Functional Rehabilitation in Krakow. Kasia has been practicing there for a week under the watchful eye of physiotherapists and her husband. With the help of others, she can sit up, but she is still fed through a tube – she cannot swallow and cough on her own yet. He also has memory problems, but even if he is not always able to identify the voice of his loved ones he hears on the phone, he is deeply moved every time. Familiar voices evoke a lot of emotions in her.

Mateusz Charaziński says that mom from adolescence she complained of very strong migraines that led to nausea.

She tinted the windows, took pills, and waited for them to take effect. Now we wish we’d made sure she had a CT scan. This test helps detect an aneurysmsays the man.

How are aneurysms formed?

Some aneurysms develop spontaneously during a person’s lifetime, some are inherited, and some result from brain injuries. There is a certain group of risk factors leading to the development of aneurysms, among them:

  • obesity,

  • hypertension,

  • improper nutrition,

  • sedentary lifestyle,

  • injuries,

  • inflammation of blood vessels,

  • smoking,

  • alcohol abuse.

Do you want to help Katarzyna Charazińska?

Kasia has always led a healthy and active lifestyle. She was committed to helping others. For years he has been working in the Municipal Police in Stargard. “She likes tending flowers, listening to music and dancing. He is passionate about volleyball and basketball. During the matches of the Polish national team, he cheers the loudest. From an early age, he has also been a fan of the local basketball team in Stargard” – these are the words of her husband, Marek.

Friends and relatives collect funds for rehabilitation. The cost of six-month treatment was estimated at PLN 180,000. People who would like to support Kasia can make a donation to her rehabilitation.

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