How to check referral to a sanatorium? You will easily find out what its status is

How to check referral to a sanatorium?  You will easily find out what its status is

To be able to benefit from treatment at a health resort, a referral to a sanatorium is necessary. We explain how you can easily check its status. Thanks to this, you will find out whether you have been qualified for such a trip.

The mere fact that a doctor issues a referral to a sanatorium does not guarantee that the patient will be able to benefit from spa treatment. However, you can find out on your own whether you have been qualified or whether you need to complete the documentation. In the past, a referral to a sanatorium was issued only in paper form – currently, the doctor writes it out in an electronic version. These rules are effective from July 1, 2023. This involves many system conveniences – there is no risk of losing such a document and there is no need to send it to the National Health Fund within 30 days. Moreover, the patient can also check its status on his own.

How to check the status of a referral to a sanatorium?

Each patient can independently check the status of his/her referral for treatment at the sanatorium. Just log in to your Online Patient Account and then go to the “referrals” tab. In turn, people who use the MojeIKP application must go to the “e-health” tab and search for a specific referral, entering the date of issue or type. Additionally, patients will also receive information by letter about the approval stage of their referral to the sanatorium. Moreover, as parents, you can also track the history of your children’s sanatorium treatment both on IKP and in mojaIKP.

How to complete an e-referral to a sanatorium?

A referral to a sanatorium is considered by a doctor specializing in balneoclimatology and physical medicine or medical rehabilitation. He may decide that such a document needs to be supplemented. In this situation, he sends them to the doctor who issued them or directly to the patient himself. This concerns a request to provide, for example, a copy of the hospital treatment card, a description of tests or their results.

The patient can attach these documents himself via the Patient’s Online Account. After entering a specific referral to a health resort, simply click on the “contact with the National Health Fund” tile. Then, in the next window, the person will be able to attach these files. Finally, just click the “send” button.

When can a doctor issue a paper referral to a sanatorium?

Although for several months now, referrals to the sanatorium have been issued only in electronic form, there are some exceptions. The patient may receive a referral in paper form, as before, in the following situations:

  • the doctor does not have access to the Internet, and therefore to the e-health system,

  • the referral concerns treatment or rehabilitation outside the country.

If you would like to go for spa treatment – check who issues a referral to a sanatorium under the National Health Fund and which people can benefit from such spa rehabilitation.

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