Mateusz Gamrot is going like a storm. Another important triumph for the Pole in the UFC

Mateusz Gamrot is going like a storm.  Another important triumph for the Pole in the UFC

Mateusz Gamrot extended his great series of appearances in the UFC. The Pole defeated former federation champion Rafael dos Anjos, which will improve his position in the lightweight category.

Mateusz Gamrot is becoming a leading representative of Poland in the UFC. While health problems have hindered Jan Błachowicz in recent months, “Gamer” is climbing higher and higher. At UFC 299 in Miami, he defeated the experienced Rafael dos Anjos by unanimous decision.

Mateusz Gamrot with another victory in the UFC

Charged with emotions, Gamrot had to survive a painful counterattack from the former UFC champion at the beginning of the fight. He was dazed for a moment, but thanks to his experience, he entered a clinch with his rival and survived the dangerous action. The Brazilian unsuccessfully looked for a standing fight, while “Gamer” decided to fight it on the ground. This way he controlled the round until the end.

From the second round it was much better. Although he did not manage to bring dos Anjos to the ground at the beginning, his standing performance was better than before. Once the fight reached the Pole's favorite stage, he had to control the course of the second round. In turn, in the third, it was enough for him to control the course of the fight in a similar way and not get caught by the Brazilian's blow. He firmly eliminated his opponent's attempts to attack, pressing him so that he could not attack hard. Ultimately, he triumphed after the unanimous decision of the judges.

– I love you, I'll come back to you on Monday! Respect to Rafael, I watched his fights when I was a young boy. I want to do one or two big fights with someone from the top and I want to fight for the belt. Islam, wait for me, next year we will see whose wrestling is better – those from Deagestan or those from Poland – said Gamrot after the victory, speaking directly to Islam Makhachev, the UFC lightweight champion.

Michał Oleksiejczuk's defeat

Another Pole also fought at UFC 299. Michał Oleksiejczuk lost the fight with Michel Pereira. The Brazilian needed 61 seconds to submit the White and Reds representative.

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