Huge bad luck for Piotr Żyła. The Olympic champion comments on the judges’ decision

Huge bad luck for Piotr Żyła.  The Olympic champion comments on the judges' decision

Piotr Żyła is one of the biggest losers of the competition in Innsbruck. “Wiewiór” was unlucky with the conditions and dropped ten positions. Experts blame the judges who, in their opinion, could have waited. The Olympic champion from Sapporo spoke on this matter.

After the last competition in Innsbruck, Piotr Żyła may feel very dissatisfied. After the first jump he was in 4th place and was slightly behind the podium. Unfortunately, the final series was hampered by gusty winds, and the judges sometimes raised and sometimes lowered the starting beam. Unfortunately, when Piotr Żyła’s second attempt came, the conditions worsened significantly. “Wiewiór” waited for about a minute for the green light and when it seemed that he was about to dismount to wait for better conditions… Borek Sedlak turned on the green light. Thomas Thurnbichler also delayed releasing his charge. Unfortunately, the conditions did not improve and the tailwind was so strong that the Polish representative was unable to fly away. Biało-Czerwony only reached 115 meters and fell from 4th place to 14th place.

The Olympic champion comments on the decision regarding Piotr Żyła

After the competition, Adam Małysz commented eloquently on the Jury’s decisions. According to the president of the Polish Football Association, the referees could have waited a while before releasing the Polish representative. – Lovro Kos had a completely different wind! I don’t know what this is about and what to do? One can only speculate. Piotrek will be pissed, he certainly hoped that the tenth place would be achievable. Anyway, it was, he added.

Wojciech Fortuna also commented on what happened in Innsbruck in WP SportoweFakty. – He had terrible conditions. For a jumper, a strong tailwind on the boulevard, as the charts showed when he was sitting on the beam, is the biggest curse. Then there is no greater chance for a good distance. Giving the green light to Piotr Żyle was not a good decision. Nothing would have happened if the jury had waited a little longer as before, said the Olympic champion from Sapporo.

– Piotrek’s first jump was not an accident. You can see that he is jumping better and better. The jump from Innsbruck and the second attempt from Ga-Pa were the best version of Piotr Żyła. In my opinion, Żyła will win something great this season – he concluded.

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