Marcin Dubiel announces his return after PandoraGate. Internet users reacted sharply

Marcin Dubiel announces his return after PandoraGate.  Internet users reacted sharply

Marcin Dubiel has just announced the reactivation of his YouTube channel. Followers criticized his post.

Even though many months have passed since the scandal called PandoraGate by the media, Internet users have not forgotten about the case. Let us recall that last fall, the names of famous YouTubers who sent messages with ambiguous content to underage fans appeared in the public space. It is known that Stuart “Stuu” B. will soon appear in court for sexual abuse of minors under 15 years of age and for drinking alcohol to minors. Marcin Dubiel was his close friend.

When the details of the scandal came to light, the 27-year-old emphasized that “he is not a pedophile, he has never tried to hide a pedophile and has never met a minor,” but Sylwester Wardęga quickly proved that Marcin Dubiel was lying. Then the boy had no qualms about using the image of his loved ones to authenticate his message, and finally suspended his online activities. Now he has announced his return.

Marcin Dubiel returns to YouTube

On Monday, April 1, Marcin Dubiel published an extensive entry on social media in which he referred to the video of Sylwester Wardęga published half a year ago, which started the whole scandal. He wrote: “Recent years have made me believe that I am very stable on my feet and have everything under control. But one day was enough to show me how delusional it was to believe that I could control everything.” He then emphasized that after the scandal broke out, all his friends disappeared and announced his return.

“There was a moment when I wanted to throw away everything I had built so far. Give up fame, because it's a drag. Disappear from public life and escape constant criticism. But running away is not the answer. Today, after almost half a year of introspection and searching for inner strength, I am ready to enter the world of media again. It won't be easy,” he continued.

In the next part of the entry, the YouTuber noted that he disappeared to sort out many things in his head. He also thanked his fans for their support. “I know that a lot of people will try to clip my wings, but I am also sure that my truth and my message are stronger than any obstacles. I will return to sharing what I love with you with new strength and perspective. Not to prove something to the world, but to live authentically, with the passion that fueled me. I am ready for new challenges, new successes and even new failures, because it all adds up to the life I want to lead. To those who still believe and support – thank you from the bottom of my heart. I see your messages, I read your letters. I just needed time for myself“- he explained.

This post slightly irritated some Internet users, who quickly expressed their dissatisfaction. They wrote: “Old man, don't come back to the Internet, have your dignity”, “This description is nothing more than whitewashing your image”, “End this nonsense once again”, “Dubiel had no honor, he has no honor. Dude, it's time to send your CV and look for jobs. Nobody wants you here. A little humility, guy” or “Adding a post on April 1 – a safe option. If so, you'll say it's a joke.”

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