Burger King is being grilled. The company posted an outrageous post on Women’s Day

Burger King is being grilled.  The company posted an outrageous post on Women's Day

“Women’s place is in the kitchen,” wrote Burger King on its official Twitter profile. The company received a wave of criticism and the entry was deleted.

Burger King tried to advertise an interesting and praiseworthy initiative, but it turned out badly. The company is currently collecting the effects of an entry that can only be called outrageous. The restaurant chain has launched a fund aimed at increasing the number of women in high positions in restaurants. This includes, for example, the position of chef. However, the tweet announcing its launch aroused huge controversy. “Women’s place is in the kitchen” – wrote on Burger King’s official Twitter profile.

A wave of criticism and apologies

It didn’t take long for the Internet to react. “Burger King’s place is in the trash can” – replied actress Chelsea Peretti. The KFC Gaming account also commented and posted a telling meme. “The best time to delete this entry was shortly after adding it. Second best is now.” – we read in the picture commenting on Burger King’s actions.

Few people noticed that in the next entry the company added: “If they want to, of course. Currently, only 20 percent chefs are women. We have a mission to change these proportions by encouraging women to develop their careers in gastronomy.. However, the rest of the message was quickly omitted and lost in the depths of hate.

The company decided to delete the entry and issue an apology. “We hear you. Our first tweet was a mistake. We apologize” – was written shortly after the entry was deleted on Burger King’s official profile. “Our aim was to draw attention to the problem of disparities in British gastronomy.” – added.

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