Łukasz Różański spoke out after the defeat. This influenced the result

Łukasz Różański spoke out after the defeat.  This influenced the result

Łukasz Różański unfortunately lost his world champion belt. He was defeated by Briton Lawrence Okolie. The Pole commented on the course of this fight. This influenced the course and result of this duel.

In April last year, Łukasz Różański during the KnockOut Boxing Night 27 gala. The Pole knocked out Alena Babić in less than two minutes and won the WBC bridger world champion belt.

Łukasz Różański did not defend his championship belt

On Friday evening, the Knockout Boxing Night 35 gala took place in Rzeszów, during which Łukasz Różański defended his belt for the first time. His rival was Lawrence Okolie, who was the former world champion in the cruiserweight category.

The fight was very fierce from the first seconds and both boxers attacked each other. The Pole Różański tried to attack his rival and faced counterattacks. Unfortunately, this duel did not last long. The Briton was much better than the Pole and in the first round he sent him to the boards three times, until the referee Daniel Van de Wiele stopped the fight.

Łukasz Różański commented on the course of the fight

After the fight, Łukasz Różański told the media what the fight looked like from his perspective. According to the Pole, the “dirty boxing” for which the Briton is famous made the fight turn out the way it did. – – I got hit in the back of the head and it was all over – he said, quoted by WP SportoweFakty.

During the press conference, he was asked why he chose one of the most dangerous and difficult rivals in his career to defend his belt for the first time. – I wanted a challenge. I didn't think it would look like this – we read his statement on the WP website.

– I expected a difficult fight, but I didn't expect it to end in the first round – he concluded.

There were a lot of comments online that the death of Łukasz Różański's legendary trainer and mentor, Marian Basiak, could have influenced the course of the fight. In the past, he worked, among others, with Andrzej Gołota and Tomasz Adamek.

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