Long-cooked broth is the best for every disease? A dietitian debunks this myth and tells whom it can harm

Long-cooked broth is the best for every disease?  A dietitian debunks this myth and tells whom it can harm

Broth supports the body in the fight against various diseases. However, it turns out that this nutritious soup is not suitable for everyone. The dietitian indicates who should avoid such long-cooked broth.

Broth is a healthy and nutritious dish. Probably each of us has heard the statement that “broth is the best cure for illness.” Our grandmothers and mothers cook it whenever we need help. This soup contains a number of vitamins and minerals. Usually, a lot of vegetables are added to it, such as carrots, parsley, celery, among others. Of course, there must also be an appropriate portion of meat, chicken feet or ox tails. This soup is simmered for many hours over low heat. However, the question arises – is long-simmering broth good for everyone? Well, contrary to appearances, it may be harmful to some people.

Is long-simmering broth good for everyone?

The broth is an excellent dish for people during convalescence or those who need to strengthen their body due to malnutrition. However, this nutritious soup is not suitable for everyone. Head of the Department of Nutrition and Metabolomics, prof. Ph.D. n. med. Ewa Stachowska, in the material she published on Instagram, answered the question whether long-cooked broths are good for everyone. These are broths prepared with elements from which the collagen will boil, i.e. paws and tails.

“If we have a patient who has chronic pancreatitis and the exocrine function, i.e., in short, the enzymes produced by the pancreas are not produced in such quantities to properly digest proteins, for example, then the administration of such a thick broth may actually cause an exacerbation of symptoms,” says Professor Stachowska.

However, the expert points out that the basis is diagnosis. What should you do? “First of all, it is good to diagnose whether we have chronic pancreatitis. Because it is often ignored by patients and patients treat themselves “on their own”. If we have any pancreatic dysfunction, remember that such nutrient-rich broths, or dishes in general, may be difficult to digest,” says the expert, noting that you should consult a doctor about eating such long-cooked broth.

What broth for patients who have pancreas problems?

We already know that patients who have a diseased pancreas cannot eat such long-cooked broth. So which one will be right for them? The specialist also answered this question, pointing out that vegetable broth would be best for patients with acute pancreatitis in the first period. When the exocrine function of the pancreas improves – then meat-based broths can be introduced, but it should be done “slowly, after removing the fat and with the support of digestive enzymes.”

So what about patients with chronic pancreatitis? Professor Stachowska points out that “the form of nutrition and the green light for broth is determined by how well the pancreas 'copes' with the digestion of fat and other dietary ingredients.” It is also worth knowing other principles of the pancreas diet. Also check what fats to avoid to avoid pancreatic problems.

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