La Bell will help you stay young

La Bell will help you stay young

– We are able to slow down the aging process. The main condition is to take preventive care of our skin. Prevention and regularity are the recipe for keeping us looking healthy and young for many years – says Małgorzata Niegowska, owner of the La Bell clinic in Radzymin.

The La Bell Clinic is currently running the #keepyouryouth project. Can this be achieved? If so, how?

Małgorzata Niegowska: Unfortunately, no one has yet invented the elixir of youth. However, we can slow down the aging process. The main condition is to take preventive care of our skin. Prevention and regularity are the way to keep us looking healthy and young for many years.

What does such prevention involve?

First of all, by systematically performing treatments that slow down the aging process or – if wrinkles already exist – reduce or eliminate them using modern technologies.

How is this done?

When a client comes to us, the specialist’s task is to create a preventive plan, selecting appropriate treatments for a given skin. So we start with a consultation to see what we are struggling with and what can be planned. Once the cosmetologist arranges the so-called beauty plan, the client systematically uses the treatments. We start with a basic treatment, e.g. cleansing and moisturizing the skin, and only then move on to more advanced treatments.

What else is important for anti-aging?

A healthy lifestyle, peace of mind, getting enough sleep and, of course, a healthy diet. Exercise and adequate sleep are very important. Nowadays, in our fast-paced lives, we unfortunately forget about basic things, such as getting enough sleep and regular meals. Using treatments can do a lot, but primarily they serve to maintain the youth and health of our skin, which are built on a fundamentally healthy lifestyle.

What treatments does La Bell clinic specialize in?

We specialize in laser therapy. We have a very wide selection of equipment. We also perform many injection treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine, such as mesotherapy, as well as volumetry, face contouring and wrinkle removal treatments.

I understand that La Bell deals not only with anti-aging prevention. What problems do your clients come to see?

We have a very wide range of services, we are an expert office when it comes to acne and problematic skin. We are approached by very young people struggling with acne, as well as mature people struggling with problems such as: capillaries, discoloration, dehydrated or dry skin.

But taking care of your appearance and well-being has no gender. Every day, more and more men come to us who also want to look good and take care of their body and skin. Our offer is diversified to meet the expectations and needs of all our clients, regardless of gender.

So is the clinic’s offer comprehensive?

For example, our offer is designed so that customers can benefit from nail styling, as well as the services of a podologist, trichologist and cosmetologist consultations. La Bell also employs aesthetic medicine doctors. You can also enjoy full body massages.

Treatments from head to toe?

That’s right, we also have many body treatments. For example, endermology, i.e. skin drainage. This treatment is recommended for people who have problems with water accumulating in the body. Endermology causes severe swelling, for example on the legs, to cease to be felt. We also offer a treatment performed using an acoustic wave, i.e. a shock wave, intended mainly to fight cellulite.

What is the #keepyouryouth project about?

These are thematic meetings for women, which we organize not only at our clinic but also at our business partners. We always invite a specialist to our meetings who shares his knowledge and provides various tips and advice. A trichologist was invited to one of the meetings, who provided the participants with knowledge on how to care for the scalp and hair and maintain it properly.

Sometimes we also conduct short workshops during which ladies learn how to perform treatments, for example for hands. So far, the guests of our meetings have included a dietitian, an aesthetic medicine doctor, and a fashion stylist. Thanks to these experts, ladies receive a really large dose of knowledge from us and they appreciate it very much. Especially since the meetings take place in small groups, in a pleasant atmosphere, everyone can speak and ask questions. Our main goal is to create a community whose goal is education and health care.

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