Klaudia El Dursi lost a lot of weight for health reasons. “I have problems”

Klaudia El Dursi lost a lot of weight for health reasons.  "I have problems"

The host of “Hotel Paradise” revealed the reasons for her sudden weight loss. Klaudia El Dursi struggles with serious ailments.

Klaudia El Dursi gained fame by participating in the “Top Model” program, where she delighted the jurors and viewers with her beauty. Although she did not win the show, her career gained momentum and she quickly became the host of the controversial “Hotel Paradise”. Even though she has always been slim and enjoyed a slender figure, her fans have not missed the fact that she has recently lost a lot of weight. It turns out that it is the result of health problems.

Klaudia El Dursi about health problems

Klaudia El Dursi's beauty and figure are the dream of many women. The hostess of “Hotel Paradise” likes to emphasize her slim waist with both styling in the program and in everyday life, which can be seen on social media. Recently, however, her photographs have begun to cause concern among observers. In the comments under her posts you can read: “You look beautiful, but those bones really don't look attractive”, “Anorexia is treated, health is more important than career”, “You overdid your diet and weight loss. You are very beautiful, but you look very unhealthy. Please take care of yourself” or “Your face is beautiful, but the rest of your body is terribly thin. And as much as I like Klaudia, I don't like what I see.

Now Klaudia El Dursi gave an interview in which she revealed that she is not losing weight on purpose, but it is the result of her health problems. Well, in “Dzień Dobry TVN”, the model revealed that she has been struggling with gastrointestinal problems for years, which she had not talked about in the media before.

– So far, I haven't really had the need to reveal myself on such private matters. It's no secret that I have gastrointestinal problems. They just escalated so much that there came a time when eating actually became difficult for me. The weight has dropped quite a bit, but it's still more. It is no longer minus ten, but it is minus six kilograms. So I'm on my way to getting back to my pre-disturbance weight, so please don't worry, said Klaudia El Dursi.

The hostess of the “Paradise Hotel” had the first symptoms of the disease many years ago. Later, health problems worsened. – It started with untreated Helicobacter bacteria, then SIBO, IMO. There really is a whole lot of it. It just kind of snowballed,” she revealed.

Klaudia El Dursi also added that getting rid of such ailments is complicated and the treatment process is long-lasting. However, even though she has been struggling with these problems for a long time, she does not want to talk about it. All because she “wants to portray herself as a strong woman.” – There were many moments like this to say it, but why? However, I prefer to portray myself as such a strong grandmother. I honestly admit that I feel a bit uncomfortable now in this role where I have to talk about my weaknesses because I would rather hide them, she explained.

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