Kamiński’s condition is deteriorating. “Hypoglycemic shock may occur.”

Kamiński's condition is deteriorating.  “Hypoglycemic shock may occur.”

Mariusz Kamiński’s health condition is getting worse, according to his defense attorney. Mec. Zuchmantowicz estimates that the convict’s cell is more like a hospital ward.

The health condition of PiS politicians sentenced by final judgment has been discussed almost since the moment they decided to go on hunger strike. Both the opposition and the family of Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik are threatening that Adam Bodnar may – in their opinion – become the person responsible for a possible threat to the lives of inmates.

They justify their words by the fact that the Minister of Justice and the Prosecutor General did not decide to apply a break in serving the sentence until the pardon procedure was completed. It was initiated by Andrzej Duda, who is now waiting for the opinion and files of Kamiński and Wąsik. The case came back on Sunday, after the head of state’s words about another pardon. The announcement caused a storm.

Mariusz Kamiński has diabetes. The convict’s son reveals

– Today, Mariusz Kamiński is in a very difficult health situation, he is constantly on hunger strike. Maciej Wąsik is also on hunger strike. I wish this would be stopped. If this can only be stopped by me simply pardoning them again to simply save them, then I will do it – Andrzej Duda explained in an interview for “Super Express”.

Kacper Kamiński, the son of a convicted PiS politician, revealed on “wPolsce.pl” television that his father suffers from diabetes. – My father is now conducting a grueling hunger protest. For now, his health condition is not the worst, but he has diabetes, so we are afraid that it may worsen at any time, he said.

How does Mariusz Kamiński feel?

Now new information has emerged about the health condition of the convicted PiS politician. — Diabetes burdens every body, and inevitably, over time, my client’s health is increasingly affected by the devastating effect of not eating. We do not even rule out the possibility of hypoglycemic shock, Maciej Zuchmantowicz, Mariusz Kamiński’s defense attorney, told Onet

The attorney assessed that Kamiński’s physical condition was getting worse. – He is in a single cell, although due to his condition it should rather be considered a hospital ward – he revealed.

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