How to cut nails properly? This skin tip may surprise you

How to cut nails properly?  This skin tip may surprise you

How to cut nails? When is the best time to do it? Can you cut the skins? These questions were answered by a well-known dermatologist, Katarzyna Pyrkosz.

“Cutting your nails is one of the most important grooming activities. Although it is not very complicated, it can cause problems. Well-trimmed, well-groomed nails are less susceptible to infection,” wrote dermatologist Katarzyna Pyrkosz (known as @katarzynapyrkoszdermatologist) on social media. The doctor explained how to cut the toenails.

What is the best way to cut nails?

The specialist advises that adult and older children’s toenails should be trimmed after bathing or showering. In young children, the nails are very soft and it can be difficult to trim them after they are wet. The dermatologist reminded that in the guide of the American Academy of Dermatology you can find information that fingernails and fingernails are best cut with scissors or a clipper, and toenails – with a clipper. “The most important thing is that we choose a tool that we use comfortably enough to be able to properly and safely cut our nails,” Pyrkosz wrote.

How to properly cut nails?

The dermatologist pointed out that proper technique is especially important when trimming toenails. They should be cut “straight”, along the natural edge of the nails. It is a mistake to cut them too short, round and pointed. This can lead to to painful ingrown nails.

Can you cut the skins? The dermatologist answers

Fans of a perfect manicure with perfectly cut cuticles will not be pleased with this news. The dermatologist wrote directly: “Don’t cut the cuticles! Their task is to protect the nail matrix. Excision of the cuticles may increase the risk of infection and cause damage to the matrix, which will lead to the formation of plate distortions” – stressed Katarzyna Pyrkosz.

The specialist added that if someone has a problem with the proper care of toenails, or already has a problem with ingrown toenails, it is worth using the professional help of a podiatrist.

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