How do such absurdities come to pass? “Eurocretinism is destroying Europe”

How do such absurdities come to pass?  "Eurocretinism is destroying Europe"

No more collecting bottle caps. No more charity events in schools, workplaces and sports facilities. No more fun, social fundraising, for example for medical equipment. According to the EU directive, the cap is to be factory-attached and constitute an integral part of the bottle. It may dangle, but it has to be there. Using metaphysical terminology, the cap and the bottle are a unitary entity, not two separate and autonomous entities. Such lasting coexistence. Another absurdity from Brussels. Meanwhile, in Poland, support for the EU is declining.

Integrated bottles are already on the market, old batches of already anachronistic bottles with the cap not attached are becoming rarer and rarer.

To the uninitiated, it might have seemed like an error, a glitch on the production line, or an oversight by production controllers. How can you explain that from now on, when you pour a drink into a glass, you spill it on yourself and the table, and when you drink from a glass, you hurt your lips and face.

It couldn't have been intentional, especially in the era of ergonomics. And yet, that's how it was.

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