The government’s idea is controversial. “This statement is bizarre, but not surprising”

The government's idea is controversial.  "This statement is bizarre, but not surprising"

The government wants to equalize the retirement age for women and men? Minister Katarzyna Kotula’s statement caused a lot of speculation. She answered it, among others: Beata Szydło.

What next with retirement age? Minister for Equality Katarzyna Kotula caused a wave of speculation when she mentioned that the current regulations are not fair.

In mid-January, Katarzyna Kotula, in an interview with Wirtualna Polska, was asked, among others: on the issue of equalizing the retirement age for women and men. Kotula admits that “the pension system is unfair and the unequal retirement age discriminates against men.” Subsequently, other representatives of the parliamentary majority and the government also spoke in a similar tone.

Kotula on equalizing the retirement age

– On the one hand, however, there is inequality and discrimination based on age, and on the other hand, the pensions of women who live longer are on average PLN 1,000 lower, sometimes even starvation. Hence the Left’s proposal for a widow’s pension, which would help women live on better conditions when their husband dies and they are left alone with much lower means of subsistence. It seems to me that a discussion about equalizing the retirement age is inevitable, but I will openly say that there are no such plans today. However, we will analyze the direction in which the reform should go so that these inequalities can be eliminated – said the Minister for Equality.

Szydło: This statement is bizarre

Former Prime Minister Beata Szydło, whose government was formed immediately after winning the elections, was asked about the matter on Radio Zet, in which one of PiS’s main arguments were PO’s actions regarding the retirement age.

– In Poland, there is a right for someone who wants to continue working despite reaching retirement age to continue working. This statement (of Minister Katarzyna Kotula – editor’s note) is strange to me, but on the other hand it does not surprise me, because it was Tusk’s team that increased the retirement age to 67 for women and men. Now this theme just comes back – said Beata Szydło, MEP of Law and Justice and former Prime Minister, on Radio Zet.

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