Infusion of heather flowers. Drink to calm down and keep your kidneys healthy

Infusion of heather flowers.  Drink to calm down and keep your kidneys healthy

Heather is one of the most beautiful autumn flowers, but it is also a valuable herbal raw material. How does heather flower infusion work and how to make it?

The infusion of heather flowers has a pleasant, delicate taste and smell. Dried heather flowers can be purchased in pharmacies or herbal shops, but such dried flowers can also be prepared from hand-picked heather.

Infusion of heather flowers. What does it do?

Heather flowers have a calming effect, but above all they are valued for their properties supporting the urinary system. An infusion of heather flowers will improve kidney function, help eliminate swelling, support inflammation of the urinary tract, and also have a beneficial effect on the prostate. Heather tea can also be drunk to improve digestion and support intestinal function. Heather flowers will also help with fever, liver disease and menstrual disorders.

Infusion of heather flowers. How to make it?

Just pour 1-2 teaspoons of flowers with hot water and leave for about 20 minutes. It is best to put the flowers themselves in a special tea strainer or simply strain the infusion. You can drink this infusion in sips throughout the day, or you can also drink it as an afternoon tea to soothe your nerves and prepare your body for sleep.

Important: if you regularly take any medications or herbal therapies, consult your doctor. Herbs can interact with medications and change their effects.

How to harvest heather?

If you brew heather you have harvested yourself, make sure to collect the plants only in clean places away from sources of pollution. You can collect the flowers themselves (however, this is cumbersome due to their size), but the heather herb is also equally valuable, so the easiest way is to collect and dry the ends of the flowering stems (cut them off about halfway). It is best to collect heather on dry and sunny days, the best time to harvest heather is the turn of August and September, when the heather begins to bloom. Dried heather flowers should retain their characteristic purple color.

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