Greta Thunberg raped by an oil company. The stickers caused a storm

Greta Thunberg raped by an oil company.  The stickers caused a storm

X-Site Energy, an oil company based in the Canadian province of Alberta, has apologized for producing stickers that depict a woman being sexually abused. The picture is signed Greta, which suggests that it is 17-year-old climate activist from Sweden, Greta Thunberg. The sticker also has the logo of an oil company.

The sticker shows a woman with two long braids (characteristics for a teenage activist) which are held tightly by a man. Below the waist there is the name Greta and slightly lower the X-Site Energy logo. “They are getting more and more desperate. This shows that we are winning.” – Greta Thunberg commented on the matter on Twitter.

The activist’s entry sparked global interest in the matterawa and forced X-Site Energy to issue a statement on the matter. “We realize that it is not enough to apologize for an image associated with our company logo on stickers (…) It does not reflect the values ​​of this company and its employees. We deeply regret if this has caused anyone any pain. By our careless actions, we have disappointed our employees, families and customers. Just as we strive to reduce our industry’s environmental impact, we are committed to learning from and correcting our mistakes. We will be better” – we read.

Images of the sticker sparked outrage across Canada, and the company was accused of producing child pornography. However, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in a statement that the sticker, while inappropriate, did not meet the criteria to trigger criminal proceedings.

Artworker: This is terrible

Interestingly, German Canalla, an artist from Argentina, intends to sue X-Site Energy for using the graphics he created to produce “terrible” stickers. – I made an erotic drawing because everyone has sex or whatever we call it. But they changed it to teenage rape and that’s wrong. I don’t know how grown men can think this is a joke, the man says in an interview with Vice.

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