A resident of Chorzów discovered a 2.5-meter python in her toilet. It belonged to a neighbor

A resident of Chorzów discovered a 2.5-meter python in her toilet.  It belonged to a neighbor

On Tuesday, August 1, a resident of Chorzów experienced moments of horror when she saw a huge snake in her toilet. At the sight of the great python, the city guards, who were the first to arrive when called, were not ready either.

As it was established after a short investigation, in one of the Chorzów blocks of flats, the snake went through the sewage system to the neighboring apartment. The python measuring 2.5 meters got through the pipes to the toilet of an unsuspecting woman from Chorzów.

The city guard in Chorzów could not cope with the python

The shocked woman initially called the city guard, but the officers did not have the appropriate training or equipment to deal with such an unusual creature for Polish conditions. In this case, they had to let go and wait for the arrival of specialists.

Eventually, the animal was caught by people from the Municipal Crisis Management Centre. Then the reptile was transported to the Forest Emergency Service in Mikołów. The python did not spend much time there, however. The owner, who… was a neighbor of the Chorzów woman, came for him. He also admitted to having other snakes in his apartment.

Python in the toilet. The police are investigating the case of a reptile collector

The police have already taken care of the careless fan of reptiles and initiated preparatory proceedings against him. The officers check whether he legally possessed the hoses and, if necessary, are ready to issue him a ticket under the Code of Petty Offenses.

“Whoever does not take the usual or prescribed precautions when keeping an animal, is subject to restriction of liberty, a fine of up to PLN 1,000 or a reprimand” – we find in art. 77 § 1 of this document.

A photo of a huge python was posted on social media by the vice-president of Chorzów, Marcin Michalik. “An unexpected guest was found by a resident of Chorzów 2 in her toilet. An 2.5-metre reticulated python passed through the sewers of a neighboring apartment. It ended with the intervention of the City Guard and the company that clears wild animals. Finally, the owner of the python picked up his pet,” he wrote on Facebook.

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