Greta Thunberg may have serious problems. She was accused of recidivism

Greta Thunberg may have serious problems.  She was accused of recidivism

Popular activist Greta Thunberg was once again accused of failing to comply with police orders. Not long ago, she was sentenced to a fine for the same act.

Greta Thunberg has heard new charges and this time she may even have to spend a short time in prison. All because she had already been convicted once under the same paragraph. This is about refusing to leave the demonstration and, as a result, failing to comply with police orders.

Greta Thunberg blocked the port again

This behavior of the activist allegedly occurred shortly after the announcement of the court verdict in the previous case involving her. Thunberg and her group Ta tillbaka framtiden (Reclaim the Future) once again blocked the exit from the port, preventing the transport of fuel tankers. The environmentalists had to be removed by force by the police.

Thunberg committed such actions for the first time on July 24. The first time, her refusal to leave the demonstration in the port of Malmo cost her a fine of 1,500 kroner, i.e. approximately PLN 585. Additionally, she was ordered to pay 1,100 crowns, or PLN 390, to the crime victims’ fund.

Will Thunberg end up in custody?

The prosecutor’s office, demanding a penalty for Thunberg, emphasizes that her demonstration was illegal and led to serious traffic disruptions. It was added that the activist persistently refused to leave the demonstration site.

Reuters journalists expect that this time Greta Thunberg will not get away with a short stay in custody. The maximum sentence for disobeying a police order is up to 6 months in prison. The trial of the world-famous activist is scheduled for September 27.

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