Google Maps will warn drivers. The new feature will make their lives easier

Google Maps will warn drivers.  The new feature will make their lives easier

Google has improved the Maps app for drivers. From now on, we will see additional warnings in Android Auto that can save us trouble and fines. What is it about?

Google has added something new to the Maps application. A small change may prove to be very useful for drivers, although the new function is somewhat less than ideal.

Google Maps with speed limits in Android Auto

Signs indicating speed limits on individual sections of the route have appeared in Google Maps available in the Android Auto ecosystem, reports. The new feature was supposed to appear on Sunday, although the introduction of the function is slightly delayed compared to the competition. A similar option was supposed to be added to the Maps application in the Apple Car Play system a week ago.

A road sign icon with the appropriate restriction is visible in the corner of the screen while you are on the road. This is quite a convenient way to confirm that we adhere to road traffic regulations. Interestingly, the design of the sign is not Polish, but German, which can be noticed by the white border around the round symbol.

The novelty, of course, does not mean that drivers can forget about looking at real signs placed on the roadside. As it turns out, not every route is yet available in the system. This means that the navigation may suddenly stop displaying the alert. Speed ​​limits may also change, especially during renovations and related traffic reorganization.

Porsche enters Android

As we wrote in Wprost, Porsche and Google recently announced that they are expanding their cooperation. The manufacturer’s sports models are to gain access to the Mountain View giant’s application ecosystem.

The integration of Google services will include Google Maps, Google Assistant and a wide range of applications available in the Google Play Store. The first cars equipped with new solutions from Google will go into production in the middle of this decade.

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