The former Polish representative surprised with his confession. He reacted to the strong words of the Dutch

The former Polish representative surprised with his confession.  He reacted to the strong words of the Dutch

The first match of the Poles at Euro 2024 is fast approaching. The white and red team’s opponent will be the Netherlands, against whom we have not won for a long time. The former Polish representative pointed out what would be a success and reacted to the strong words of Jan de Zeeuw.

Poland will face the Netherlands in the first match at Euro 2024. We are not the favorite, but we believe that we are able to threaten these rivals, who will have to deal with, among others, without Frenkie de Jong, who will miss this event due to injury.

Former Polish representative: We can try for a draw

Unfortunately, the Poles will have a difficult task because we will not see Robert Lewandowski in this match, who suffered a muscle tear during the last sparring with Turkey. RMF journalists talked to Cezary Kucharski, a former football player and Polish representative, about Poland’s chances with the Netherlands.

– The Netherlands is the favorite. The beauty of football is that there are surprises, the favorites don’t win. It will be hard. We haven’t won against the Netherlands for over 40 years. I see a lot of optimism in our community, after the last two friendly matches won, after the goals scored, after the series of 8 unlost matches – he said.

– We can try to get a draw in this match. It will be a very big success if we do not lose this match, he added.

Reaction to the strong words of the Dutch

RMF FM journalist Krzysztof Ziemiec asked for a comment on the words of Jan de Zeeuw, former director of the Polish national team, who in a strong interview said that the Poles are weak and the Dutch do not even have to use a goalkeeper. – This is a harsh assessment, we were able to score goals in friendly matches, we scored three goals for Ukraine and two for Turkey. Michał Probierz organized this team, you can see repeating patterns. A series of eight matches without defeat is not accidental, he said.

– Of course, we cannot play total football for 90 minutes like the Netherlands, but we can make breaks, it is in our DNA. And the ball is unpredictable – he concluded.

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