GG as a data disk? The messenger boasts a new function

GG as a data disk?  The messenger boasts a new function

The GG messenger (Gadu-Gadu) is still trying to encourage users with new functions. This time it’s about stress-free transfer of files up to several gigabytes in size. How it’s working?

GG has launched a service similar to WeTransfer or Google Drive. The idea is to quickly transfer large files in the least complicated way possible. How do creators encourage the service?

GG messenger with file transfer up to 4 GB

According to the company, the messenger allows you to send quite large files in conversations with friends or family. The maximum size will differ from the service version – the computer application will send up to 4 GB of data, while the web client version or Android application will only provide us with 2 GB.

The operation of the system is to be very simple and free. As the company touts, just click the paperclip icon in a conversation with a given person and select the appropriate file. The program will send it to the server and provide us with a unique link with access to the data package. However, today the once legendary Gadu-Gadu is used by a rather narrow group of people. The company also thought about this and proposes a way to generate links with content that we will send to anyone else.

We can start a conversation with the contact “My Schowek” (under the number GG 8015). The file sent in this window will also generate a URL that we can copy to any other place.

Free file sending in Gadu-Gadu

Sending files is free and available to all users, and there is no information about storage limits associated with our account. This does not mean that we should completely replace the existing solutions with the “GG Disk”. The service has its limitations.

This is about the time our files are stored on the company’s servers. In the free version, our data will disappear from the messenger after 3 months after sending. This is quite a long time, especially compared to WeTransfer, where we only have 7 days.

If we want to use file links longer, the company encourages us to purchase a GG Premium subscription. Under it, files will be retained for two years, which should be sufficient for distribution. However, it will still not replace a cloud drive if we want to return to the data in a very long time horizon. Subscription will also give us access to other curiosities, including the AmiGGo AI chatbot.

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