Get ready for the launch of the new Biedronka application. The old version will be disabled soon

Get ready for the launch of the new Biedronka application.  The old version will be disabled soon

The new Biedronka application will debut on Monday, January 29. It is intended to make shopping in the chain’s stores even more convenient.

The most important information for Biedronka customers is that on the day of the premiere of the new application, i.e. January 29, the current version will be decommissioned. So get ready for the inevitable software change in your smartphones and some new functions that will make shopping in stores of the popular discount chain even more convenient. At least that’s what Jeronimo Martins Polska, the company that owns all Biedronka stores throughout Poland, promises.

New Biedronka application. What’s new?

Let’s start with the fact that the most important functions from the current/old version of the application, from the customers’ perspective, will be transferred to the new one. These features are: Shakeomat, offers Only for you and Selected for you (from the leaflet), as well as a price scanner, transaction history and a list of stores located in the area (based on geolocation). Nothing will change in this respect.

One of the most interesting new features will be the Shopping List, a special section in the application, thanks to which customers will be able to stop preparing a list on a regular piece of paper. From now on, the list of products to be purchased can be stored on your smartphone.

The application is now expected to run much faster because developers have improved its performance. In its official announcement, Biedronka assures that the new version will load in just a few seconds. You will also be able to add products to your cart faster and therefore more conveniently. Just as quickly, customers will now scan their Moja Biedronka card at the checkout. It will also be possible to turn on the dark mode of the application, which was prepared for those people who prefer this setting of the image displayed on their smartphone.

Remember to download the new version of the application

Next Monday, January 29, the new Biedronka application will be available for download from virtual app stores – Google Play (Android), App Store (iPhone), AppGallery (Huawei). When you download a new version, it will permanently replace the one you are currently using.

A mass siege of the above-mentioned platforms with smartphone software is coming, because official data shows that the Biedronka application already has 10.5 million users in Poland, and over 2 million customers use it every day when shopping.

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