Free medicines not only for pregnant women, but also in the postpartum period. When will the change come into force?

Free medicines not only for pregnant women, but also in the postpartum period.  When will the change come into force?

Due to the Reimbursement Act, the regulations regarding future mothers will also change, and more specifically – the group that is entitled to free medicines will be expanded. How long exactly will the right to do so be extended?

From November 2023, changes regarding the filling of prescriptions will come into force. These apply, among others, to people who take medications on a permanent basis, because they will be able to stock up on them for a much shorter time than before. However, this is not the end of the modifications. The topic of free medicines for postpartum women has been recurring for several years – now such regulations will finally come into force.

Free medicines for pregnant women

In order for a patient to receive free medicines, the prescription prescribed by a doctor must include the marking “C”. Of course, it is also necessary to confirm pregnancy. Can do it:

  • a doctor with a specialist title in obstetrics and gynecology,

  • a doctor undergoing specialization in obstetrics and gynecology,

  • Primary Health Care Midwife (POZ),

  • a midwife providing health care services in the field of outpatient specialist care in an obstetrics and gynecology clinic.

Another doctor may also issue a prescription to a pregnant woman with a code entitling her to free medicines, but he can do so only on the basis of an appropriate certificate. Currently, women are entitled to such free medicines from the moment pregnancy is confirmed until 15 days after the planned date of delivery indicated in the certificate. However, this time will be extended soon. Currently, there are over 400 preparations on the list of free medicines for pregnant women. These include anticoagulants, but also agents used to treat asthma, thyroid diseases and epilepsy. Flu vaccines are also 100 percent reimbursed.

Free medicines for postpartum women coming soon

Recently, the media has been loud about free medicines for children and seniors. However, these are not the only groups eligible for such a full refund. This also applies to pregnant women, and soon also to another group. We are talking about women in childbirth. They will also be covered by the free medicines program. The changes result from a major amendment to the Reimbursement Act. This change will be effective from November 1, 2023, but in practice the list of free medicines for pregnant and postpartum women will be announced no later than December 31, 2023 (together with the new list of reimbursed medicines).

Expanding the group of women who are entitled to free medicines to include postpartum women means that in such a situation they will be entitled to free medicines for 6 weeks longer than currently. According to the act, women will be entitled to such free medicines “during pregnancy and the postpartum period, but no longer than 6 weeks after 15 days from the planned date of delivery indicated in this certificate.”

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