How to check if there are ticks in the garden? All you need is a white towel

How to check if there are ticks in the garden?  All you need is a white towel

Ticks are dangerous arachnids that transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, tick-borne encephalitis and anaplasmosis. That's why it's so important to avoid them. How to check if ticks live among the grass in our garden? There is a simple way.

Ticks can often be found in the home garden. But how can you check if they have already settled there? Prepare a white cloth or other fabric in this color.

The ticks will settle on the white material. This method is worth knowing

The method was described by the editorial staff of the WP Woman portal. As we read, a terry towel (fabric with a looped cover – cotton or cotton-like) will work best here. According to the website, you should wrap it around a mop handle and then, using the “tool” prepared in this way, drag it over the grass (or shrubs and arborvitae – if you have them in the garden) several times.

Afterwards, you should examine the towel. We should immediately notice various “little creatures”, including ticks, which have their own characteristic appearance.

What if ticks have actually settled on our property? Then it is worth making a special mixture that will keep ticks away. Mix together the vinegar solution (100 milliliters of vinegar per 1 liter of water), garlic extract (five milligrams) and rosemary essential oil (5 ml). Let's shake thoroughly and spray our yard. Importantly, this activity should be repeated – at least every two hours.

How to protect yourself from being bitten? What to do if a tick attaches itself to the skin?

Another, equally effective method is the use of a chemical repellent (repellent) with DEET (N-Diethyl-m-toluamide), icaridin or IR 3535 (ethyl 3-(N-Butylacetamido)propionate). We can buy the products in almost every pharmacy or store.

What to do if a tick bites us? Then “you should grab it right next to the skin and pull it out with a decisive movement, perpendicular to the place of insertion,” reports the Nauka w Polsce portal (Polish Press Agency).

Where do ticks most often attach themselves? These are the areas of the groin, groin, bend of the knees (soft skin on the back of the limb), as well as behind the ears or on the scalp. When enjoying time in the garden or going to the forest or a clearing, it is worth having access to simple and cheap tools that will help remove ticks – for example tick traps.

It is worth noting that we can vaccinate against one of the most dangerous but also rare diseases transmitted by ticks. It's about KZM. Researchers are still developing a preparation for Lyme disease, which is expected to be available in the coming years.

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