Katarzyna Pinkosz from Wprost with the Kryształowe Pióro 2024 award. For an article combining oncology and cardiology

Katarzyna Pinkosz from Wprost with the Kryształowe Pióro 2024 award. For an article combining oncology and cardiology

This year, 289 materials were submitted to the Crystal Pens competition – for journalists dealing with medical topics. Katarzyna Pinkosz received the first prize in the category “Heart diseases – a growing threat” and two distinctions: in the categories “Depression – break the taboo” and Cancer – break fear, win life.

The Crystal Pen competition was organized for the 18th time. Its aim is to reward journalists who are health educators and whose work contributes to promoting health-promoting attitudes and informing about the threats related to lifestyle diseases, including: cardiovascular diseases, depression, cancer, diabetes.

In the category “Heart diseases – a growing threat”, the jury’s highest recognition and 1st place went to Katarzyna Pinkosz from the Wprost editorial office for the material entitled “It’s not just a red chemistry problem.” Cardio-oncologist: You can cure cancer by protecting your heart.

– Thank you very much for this award, which combines the two most common causes of death in Poles: cardiology and oncology.

We have increasingly better methods of treating cancer, but effective drugs also have side effects, which is why cooperation between oncologists and cardiologists is necessary to provide treatment so that even patients with cardiac problems, of which there are more and more, can receive effective oncological treatment. A cardiologist can prepare a patient for such treatment and, if side effects occur, eliminate them,” said Katarzyna Pinkosz after receiving the award.

The first prize in this category was also awarded to Aleksandra Zalewska-Stankiewicz from HelloZdrowie.pl, with honorable mentions: Jolanta Gromadzka-Anzelewicz from Dziennik Bałtycki, Magdalena Hykawy from Telewizja Polsat, Anna Jarosz from medexpress.pl, Anna Kaczmarek from naTemat.pl, Ewa Kurzyńska from Happily Ever After, Joanna Wojno-Wolska from TVP3 Bydgoszcz.

Katarzyna Pinkosz also received an award in the “Depression – breaking the taboo” category for the article “Psychologist: Children should not only know what happened in 1410, but also know the number 116 111.”

The winners in the “Depression – breaking the taboo” category were Anna Wilczyńska-Ciupa from TVN24 and the editorial team of TVP3 Bydgoszcz, and the honorable mentions were Anna Gmiterek-Zabłocka from Radio TOK FM, Jakub Jamrozek from Czwórka Polskie Radio, Maria Kaczorowska from TVP Poznań, Natalia Miller from Plus Minus Rzeczpospolita editorial team, Artur Wolski from the Culture and Education Editorial Office of Program I.

Katarzyna Pinkosz also received an award in the category “Cancer – overcome fear, win life” for the article: Founder of the first group about lung cancer on Polish Facebook: My knife opens when I see this advertisement.

In this category, the main prize was awarded to Magdalena Hykawy from Telewizja Polsat and Jakub Jamrozek from the editorial office of Czwórka Polskie Radio, and distinctions were given to Barbara Góra from the editorial office of Polskie Radio, Luiza Jakubiak from the portal rybzdrowia.pl, Renata Reda from the editorial office of Polskie Radio Białystok and Svitlana Slyvchenko from the editorial office of Ann Health Assistant.

The jury of the Crystal Feathers competition includes experts: prof. Ph.D. n. med. Janusz Heitzman, vice-president of the Polish Psychiatric Association, prof. Ph.D. n. med. Leszek Czupryniak, head of the Department of Diabetology and Internal Diseases in Warsaw, prof. Ph.D. n. med. Piotr Rutkowski from the National Institute of Oncology. Maria Skłodowska-Curie, President of the Polish Oncological Society and prof. Tomasz Grodzicki, journalists who were last year’s winners, and Katarzyna Urbańska from Servier.

– Eighteen years of the existence of the Crystal Feathers competition proves the unflagging popularity of health journalism, which still maintains its position at the forefront of modern media trends. The competition attracts both experienced professionals and young talents who are determined to show the journalistic truth and increase awareness of lifestyle diseases. The winning works promote health knowledge and inspire activity, constituting an invaluable contribution to our common fight against lifestyle diseases – emphasizes Professor Tomasz Grodzicki, head of the Department of Internal Diseases at the University Hospital in Krakow.

– In the field of oncology, which is close to my heart, health education is crucial for health promotion and cancer prevention. The role of journalists in this aspect is huge and highly appreciated by us. Having read the works submitted to this year’s “Crystal Pens” competition, I was sincerely pleased by the presence of many truly outstanding authors who, through their diligent work, help us build a wise, conscious society. Please believe – it is not an easy task to single out only a few of the over 100 submitted works – admits prof. Piotr Rutkowski, who is a juror in the Crystal Feathers competition for the first time.

The “Crystal Feathers” competition is organized by Servier Polska in cooperation with the Polish Society of Hypertension, the Polish Oncological Society, the Polish Society of Clinical Oncology, the Polish Psychiatric Society, the Polish Diabetes Society and the Journalists’ Club for Health Promotion.

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